This Easter, unwrap a debut author! | A Q&A with Juliet Grames

This Easter, unwrap a debut author! | A Q&A with Juliet Grames

This Easter, we’re introducing you to some of our most exciting debut authors for 2019.

Juliet Grames is the author of The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna, a captivating and huge-hearted novel spanning rural Calabria and mid-century Connecticut, which follows the life (and deaths) of one exceptional woman.

We asked Juliet to share some details about Stella Fortuna, along with a few recommendations of her own, in a very special Easter-themed Q&A!

When you’re on the hunt for a new read, how do you go about discovering one?

My favorite way to discover books is passively—basically, if someone tells me to read something because they think I’ll like it, I try to read it, regardless of genre or obscurity. I also want to know as little as possible about the book before I start reading. I don’t like plot (even tiny details!) to be spoiled, so I don’t read synopses or cover copy. I’m a terrible bookstore browser. I either go barging in with a specific request or I just ask the bookseller to pick something out for me.

Tell us a little bit about how ‘new beginnings’ are celebrated in your book.

My book is about starting over—and over, and over, etc—not always by choice, but sometimes by sheer force of will. When my main character, Stella Fortuna, emigrates to the United States in 1939 from a very socially conservative village in remote Southern Italy, she and her sister, Tina, decide they want to cement their new identity as Americans by cutting off their long hair and getting trendy American perms. It was something my grandmother did when she first arrived in America, and I have taken inspiration from her and chopped my hair short to celebrate a fresh start on several occasions.

If you were to set up a bookish Easter egg hunt, which five books would you choose to hide and why?

I’d pick my 5 favorite intergenerational sagas!

1. Amy Tan, The Joy Luck Club (can’t believe it’s the thirtieth anniversary this year!)
2. Yaa Gyasi, Homegoing
3. Jeffrey Eugenides, Middlesex
4. Tea Obreht, The Tiger’s Wife
5. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude

How do you think your main character might celebrate Easter?

With homemade cavatelli and tons and tons and tons of cookies (especially pizzelle)! Probably arrayed in silver trays on a hand-crocheted lace table cloth.

The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna is published on the 7th of May, and is available for pre-order now.

Pick up an eBook for just 99p this April!

Pick up an eBook for just 99p this April!

Team Bookends have got the eBook bargain for you this April, whether you’re searching for an uplifting read to get lost in, or on the hunt for some 99p food inspiration from some of the biggest names in cookery – including Gordon Ramsay, Mary Berry, Liam Charles and Donal Skehan!

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food by Gordon Ramsay

The dream combination – a Michelin-starred superchef who is also a committed athlete. Gordon knows how important it is to eat well, whether you’re training for a triathlon or just leading a busy active life. And just because it’s healthy food you don’t have to compromise on taste and flavour.

The book is divided into three sections, each one offering breakfasts, lunches, suppers, sides and snacks with different health-boosting benefits. The Healthy section consists of nourishing recipes for general wellbeing; the Lean recipes encourage healthy weight loss; and the Fit section features pre- and post-workout dishes to build strength and energise.

This is the ultimate collection of recipes that you’ll enjoy cooking and eating, and will leave you in great shape whatever your fitness goals.

Fast Cakes by Mary Berry

Fast Cakes is an unmissable, definitive new baking book from Mary Berry. Proper cakes that take 10 minutes or less to make and under an hour to bake. If you miss Mary’s wisdom and inspiration in The Great British Bake Off, or want a brand-new companion to Mary Berry’s Baking Bible, this is the cookbook for you with over 200 easy recipes to make with confidence.

There are scones, buns and biscuits that you can whip up for tea, traybakes and fruit loaves perfect for a school or village fete and of course fool-proof cakes for every occasion from everyday recipes such as a Honey and Almond Cake to Mary’s First-Rate Chocolate Cake. Not forgetting recipes you can make with your kids from Happy Face Biscuits to Traffic Lights and Jammy Buns.

Straightforward recipes you can trust, Fast Cakes is a must-have for all busy bakers.

Two Steps Forward by Graeme Simsion & Anne Buist

In this smart, funny novel of second chances and reinvention from the author of The Rosie Result, two misfits walk 2,000 km along the Camino to find themselves – and, perhaps, each other.

Zoe, a sometime artist, is from California. Martin, an engineer, is from Yorkshire. Both have ended up in picturesque Cluny, in central France. Both are struggling to come to terms with their recent past – for Zoe, the death of her husband; for Martin, a messy divorce.

In this smart, funny and romantic journey, Martin’s and Zoe’s stories are told in alternating chapters by husband-and-wife team Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist. Two Steps Forward is a novel about renewal – physical, psychological and spiritual. It’s about the challenge of walking a long distance and of working out where you are going. And it’s about what you decide to keep, what you choose to leave behind and what you rediscover along the way.

The Maid’s Room by Fiona Mitchell

This is where she sleeps. A cupboard. A bedroom. A windowless box.

Sisters Dolly and Tala have never felt further from home. In the blistering heat of Singapore, they spend their days enabling ex-pats to have lives they could never afford for themselves.

Even though she has little freedom, Dolly can just about live with her job if it means she’s able to support her beloved young daughter back in the Philippines. One day – if she’s lucky – Dolly may even be able to go back and see her.

Tala, however, just can’t keep her mouth shut about the restrictive, archaic rules maids are forced to abide by on pain of deportation. She risks everything to help her fellow maids, who have struggled to have their voices heard for far too long…

The Key by Kathryn Hughes

A hidden note. A lost love. A second chance…

It’s Ellen Crosby’s first day as a student nurse at Ambergate Hospital. When she meets a young woman admitted by her father, little does Ellen know that a choice she will make is to change both their lives for ever…

Sarah is drawn to the now abandoned Ambergate. Whilst exploring the old corridors she discovers a suitcase belonging to a female patient who entered Ambergate fifty years earlier. The shocking contents, untouched for half a century, will lead Sarah to unravel a forgotten story of tragedy and lost love, and the chance to make an old wrong right . . .

‘Oh wow! This story broke my heart then filled it with joy then broke it all over again! I adored The Letter and The Secret but this I have to say was my favourite. Heartfelt and poignant an absolute joy’ A reader of The Key

Dirty Little Secrets by Jo Spain

The new psychological thriller from the bestselling author of The Confession, perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty.

In the exclusive gated community of Withered Vale, people’s lives appear as perfect as their beautifully manicured lawns. Money, success, privilege – the residents have it all. Life is good. There’s just one problem. Olive Collins’ dead body has been rotting inside number four for the last three months. Her neighbours say they’re shocked at the discovery but nobody thought to check on her when she vanished from sight.

Cheeky Treats by Liam Charles

The debut cookbook by the breakout star of The Great British Bake Off 2017 and the host of Channel 4’s brand new show, Liam Bakes.

When you bake you want the results to be mouth-watering and jaw-droppingly good. You want gasps of awe followed by silence as your friends and family munch their way through your genius creations.

No one understands this better than Liam Charles. Who else could bring you a Caramel Peanut Millionaire’s Shortbread, an Oreo Chocolate Brownie Freakshake or a Christmas Dinner Pie? It has to be Liam and in his first book, he introduces his latest inventions and favourite bakes that are guaranteed to get you in the kitchen.

EAT. LIVE. GO. by Donal Skehan

The quick and easy cookbook from Irish TV star and Saturday Kitchen host Donal Skehan.

EAT. LIVE. GO. – Fresh Food Fast is a collection of quick and easy recipes for busy and energetic lifestyles. Donal’s healthy approach to eating provides big flavour, the optimum nutrition the body needs, plus delicious treats.

Donal offers up brilliant recipes to cook at home, from everyday eating with family and friends, to restorative meals to nurture and nourish, including dishes from Donal’s travels in Europe and South East Asia. EAT. LIVE. GO – Fresh Food Fast is a cookbook for anyone who loves good food and eating well.

Tilly’s Kitchen Takeover by Matilda Ramsay

Inspired by the third series of hit CBBC cookery show Matilda & The Ramsay Bunch and the family’s adventures around California, the first cookbook from Tilly Ramsay includes 60 simple, delicious, and nourishing recipes to make for family and friends – plus tips and tricks from Tilly’s superstar chef dad, Gordon.

Impress all your friends with a Green Goodness Picnic or throw a fun-filled Ramsay-style Feast of Pulled Pork and Smokey American Beans, with Surprise Rainbow Cake and Hollywood Raspberry Fizz for dessert!

This book will encourage Tilly’s fans, tweens, and teens to start cooking with easy-to-follow recipes that can be enjoyed by all.

The Last Thing She Told Me by Linda Green

The Richard and Judy Book Club Bestseller

Moments before she dies, Nicola’s grandmother Betty whispers to her that there are babies at the bottom of the garden.

Nicola’s mother claims she was talking nonsense. However, when Nicola’s daughter finds a bone while playing in Betty’s garden, it’s clear that something sinister has taken place.

But will unearthing painful family secrets end up tearing Nicola’s family apart?

When You Read This by Mary Adkins | Friends of Bookends Reviews

When You Read This by Mary Adkins | Friends of Bookends Reviews

Iris Massey is gone.
But she’s left something behind.

Funny and moving in equal measures, When You Read This is a sparkling novel about love, life, and all the emails you really wish you’d never sent.

Find out what the Friends of Bookends thought about Mary Adkins’ warm and funny debut…


‘Death. It’s pretty final, isn’t it? Yet as Mary Adkins demonstrates in this remarkable debut, a person’s death is not necessarily the end of their story; particularly in the modern digital age.’

‘Whilst this book will entertain you and make you laugh, it will also cause you to question your own mortality.’

‘I loved this book. Set out as it is in email and blog form, it is an incredibly easy and entertaining read. Difficult to stop, in fact; and I could easily imagine this being adapted for the screen.’

‘I look forward to more from Mary Adkins in
the future, bravo!’


‘Although the subject of cancer and of death is not a cheerful one, the book doesn’t drag you down whilst reading about it. It is sad and moving of course, but the book interlaces the humorous sections just right so you never feel as though you can’t go on. In fact, I couldn’t put it down (except only once because I had to sleep).’

‘Carl was a great side character, he provided such humour with his well-meaning initiatives, trying to help Smith and often landing him in trouble.’

‘I recommend this book to anyone who can find hope in the darkest of situations.’


Whilst about grief in its many manifestations, this is in essence a love story. It is about the love between siblings, of parental love in whatever form that takes, of romantic love and how some can only show love in toxic ways.’

When You Read This is available to buy now!

Read an exclusive extract from The Mummy Lessons by Helen Wallen!

Read an exclusive extract from The Mummy Lessons by Helen Wallen!

Read an extract from The Mummy Lessons, the frank and hilarious new novel by award-winning blogger Helen Wallen.

The rules:


2) Try to eat when the baby sleeps. (SEE POINT ABOVE)

3) Try to get basic household chores done when the baby sleeps. (ABOVE!!)

4) Batch cook food and freeze in individual portions for easy re-heating. (OR DELIVEROO . . . WITH WINE. AND CRYING)

5) Try hiring a cleaner to take the pressure off. (OR JUST USE BABY WIPES)

6) Take time to shower or bathe in the evenings when you can leave the baby with your partner. (OR JUST USE BABY WIPES)

7) Make tea or coffee in the Thermos so it stays hot. (WHAT IS THIS ‘HOT’ OF WHICH YOU SPEAK?!)

8) Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or ask people to leave. (COMMUNICATION VIA WHATSAPP ONLY)

9) Remember to look after and take time for yourself. (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

After a tough pregnancy, Emily is determined to tackle motherhood like a pro. But she quickly learns that Insta-Perfect-Parenting (and sleep) is hard to come by, no matter how much money you spend in Mothercare.

Irritatingly, her friend Molly seems to be breezing it. But with a business venture as well as a baby, is she taking on too much?

Liz looks as though she might have it all worked out. But when a tragedy derails her new relationship, she has some serious decisions to make.

Celebrating female friendship, the highs and lows of motherhood, and the lifesaving power of a jumperoo, The Mummy Lessons follows a year of highs and lows for Emily, Molly and Liz as they learn the hardest lesson of all: life doesn’t always follow the rules . . .

Read an extract, and pick up your copy of The Mummy Lessons now.

Our top picks for International Women’s Day!

Our top picks for International Women’s Day!

Here at Bookends HQ, we’re spending the week leading up to International Women’s Day celebrating some of our favourite women!

From feel-good fiction with strong female characters, to women writers we can’t get enough of, keep reading for some IWD inspiration!

The Sisterhood by Daisy Buchanan

For fans of Bryony Gordon and Dolly Alderton, The Sisterhood is an honest and hilarious book which celebrates the ways in which women connect with each other.

‘My five sisters are the only women I would ever kill for. And they are the only women I have ever wanted to kill.’

Imagine living between the pages of Pride And Prejudice, in the Bennett household. Now, imagine how the Bennett girls as they’d be in the 21st century – looking like the Kardashian sisters, but behaving like the Simpsons. This is the house Daisy Buchanan grew up in,

In this tender, funny and unflinchingly honest account Daisy examines her relationship with her sisters and what it’s made up of – friendship, insecurity jokes, jealousy and above all, love – while celebrating the ways in which women connect with each other and finding the ways in which we’re all sisters under the skin.

The Long Song by Andrea Levy

A Sunday Times bestseller, shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, The Long Song by Andrea Levy is a hauntingly beautiful, heartbreaking and unputdownable novel of the last days of slavery in Jamaica.

You do not know me yet. My son Thomas, who is publishing this book, tells me, it is customary at this place in a novel to give the reader a little taste of the story that is held within these pages. As your storyteller, I am to convey that this tale is set in Jamaica during the last turbulent years of slavery and the early years of freedom that followed.

July is a slave girl who lives upon a sugar plantation named Amity and it is her life that is the subject of this tale. She was there when the Baptist War raged in 1831, and she was present when slavery was declared no more. My son says I must convey how the story tells also of July’s mama Kitty, of the negroes that worked the plantation land, of Caroline Mortimer the white woman who owned the plantation and many more persons besides – far too many for me to list here. But what befalls them all is carefully chronicled upon these pages for you to peruse.

Almost Love by Louise O’Neill

For fans of Marian Keyes, Dolly Alderton and Holly Bourne, Almost Love is one of the most addictive and heartbreaking reads of 2018

When Sarah falls for Matthew, she falls hard.

So it doesn’t matter that he’s twenty years older. That he sees her only in secret. That, slowly but surely, she’s sacrificing everything else in her life to be with him.

Sarah’s friends are worried. Her father can’t understand how she could allow herself to be used like this. And she’s on the verge of losing her job.

But Sarah can’t help it. She is addicted to being desired by Matthew.

And love is supposed to hurt.

Isn’t it?

The F Word by Lily Pebbles

If there’s one piece of invaluable advice for women and girls of all ages, it is that there is nothing more important than creating and maintaining strong, positive and happy friendships with other women.

In a culture that largely pits women against each other, Lily Pebbles wants to celebrate female friendships… all strings attached!

If Lily’s 1998 diary is anything to go by, female friendships are incredibly complex and emotional – but they’re the mini-love stories that make us who we are. For many women, friends are our partners in crime through life; they are the ones who move us into new homes, out of bad relationships, through births and illnesses. In The F Word, Lily sets out to explore and celebrate the essence of female friendship at different life stages and in its many wild and wonderful forms.

A Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult

The Center for women’s reproductive health offers a last chance at hope – but nobody ends up there by choice.

Its very existence is controversial, and to the demonstrators who barricade the building every day, the service it offers is no different from legalised murder.

Now life and death decisions are being made horrifyingly real: a lone protester with a gun has taken the staff, patients and visitors hostage.

Starting at the tensest moment in the negotiations for their release, A Spark of Light unravels backwards, revealing hour by urgent hour what brought each of these people – the gunman, the negotiator, the doctors, nurses and women who have come to them for treatment – to this point.

And certainties unwind as truths and secrets are peeled away, revealing the complexity of balancing the right to life with the right to choose.

Eat, Drink, Run by Bryony Gordon

‘The woman who made talking about your thinking not just acceptable but imperative’ Daily Telegraph

Bryony Gordon was not a runner. A loafer, a dawdler, a drinker, a smoker, yes. A runner, no. But, as she recovered from the emotional rollercoaster of opening up her life in her mental health memoir Mad Girl, she realised that there were things that might actually help her: getting outside, moving her body and talking to others who found life occasionally challenging. As she ran, she started to shake off the limitations that had always held her back and she saw she had actually imposed them on herself. Why couldn’t she be a runner?

In April 2017, Bryony Gordon ran all 26.2 miles of the London Marathon. In Eat, Drink, Run., we join her as she trains for this daunting task and rises to the challenge one step at the time. Of course, on top of the aching muscles and blistered feet, there’s also the small matter of getting a certain royal to open up about his mental health. Through it all, Bryony shows us that extraordinary things can happen to everyone, no matter what life throws our way.

A Well-Behaved Woman by Therese Anne Fowler

Outspoken. Brave. Brilliant. Fierce.

Alva Smith, her Southern family destitute after the Civil War, married into one of America’s great Gilded Age dynasties: the newly wealthy but socially shunned Vanderbilts. Ignored by New York’s old-money circles and determined to win respect, she designed and built nine mansions, hosted grand balls, and arranged for her daughter to marry a duke. But Alva also defied convention for women of her time, asserting power within her marriage and becoming a leader in the women’s suffrage movement.

With a nod to Jane Austen and Edith Wharton, Therese Anne Fowler paints a glittering world of enormous wealth contrasted with desperate poverty, of social ambition and social scorn, of friendship and betrayal, and an unforgettable story of a remarkable woman.

Good behaviour will only get a woman so far.

The Sealwoman’s Gift by Sally Magnusson

1627. In a notorious historical event, pirates raided the coast of Iceland and abducted 400 people into slavery in Algiers. Among them a pastor, his wife, and their children.

In her acclaimed debut novel Sally Magnusson imagines what history does not record: the experience of Asta, the pastor’s wife, as she faces her losses with the one thing left to her – the stories from home – and forges an ambiguous bond with the man who bought her.     Uplifting, moving, and witty, The Sealwoman’s Gift speaks across centuries and oceans about loss, love, resilience and redemption.

On My Life by Angela Clarke

‘Pacey, fiercely feminist, compulsively readable’ The Pool

Jenna thought she had the perfect life: a loving fiancé, a great job, a beautiful home. Then she finds her stepdaughter murdered; her partner missing. And the police think she did it…

Locked up to await trial, surrounded by prisoners who’d hurt her if they knew what she’s accused of, certain someone close to her has framed her, Jenna knows what she needs to do: Clear her name. Save her baby. Find the killer.

Angela Clarke’s powerful and gripping new novel shines a light on the experiences of women behind bars, especially those rendered more vulnerable still by pregnancy.

Frieda by Annabel Abbs

The extraordinary story of Frieda von Richthofen, wife of D. H. Lawrence and the inspiration for Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

Germany, 1907

Aristocrat Frieda von Richthofen has rashly married English professor Ernest Weekley. Visiting her sisters in Munich, she is captivated by a city alive with ideas of revolution and free love, and, goaded by sibling rivalry with her sisters and the need to be more than mother and wife, Frieda embarks on a passionate affair that is her sensual and intellectual awakening.

England, 1912

Trapped in her marriage to Ernest, Frieda meets the penniless but ambitious younger writer D. H. Lawrence. Their scandalous affair and tempestuous relationship unleashes a creative outpouring that influences the course of literature forever. But for Frieda, this fulfilment comes at a terrible personal cost.

Our favourite half-term activities from Cordially Invited!

Our favourite half-term activities from Cordially Invited!

If you’re running low on inspiration (or energy…) but searching for some creative ways to keep the kids entertained this half-term, Team Bookends have got you covered!

We’re sharing our favourite ideas from Zoe Sugg’s fantastic book Cordially Invited, which shows you how to make an event and a memory out of every day.

If you’re running low on ideas or energy this half-term holiday, why not try a Cereal Party? This is the perfect way to inject some fun into an otherwise dreary breakfast, and makes for an extra-special start to the day!

If all else fails, a blanket fort is the perfect way to save an unexpectedly rainy day. Throw on a film and your pyjamas, grab some snacks, and build yourself a Rainy Day Den.
Even better, the den doubles up as a great place to escape to if the half-term madness gets to be too much!

For some old-fashioned, screen-free fun, why not dig out a pile of board games and spend an afternoon teaching the kids some nostalgic favourites? Great for engaging the mind, encouraging family time, and bringing out those competitive streaks…

To top off half-term week, we recommend a Pizza Party as a relaxed, easy-going option for entertaining guests or family.
A fun activity to keep even the littlest of hands occupied, and a super-tasty dinner all in one… what could be better?!

Your recipe for a Valentine’s Day feast!

Your recipe for a Valentine’s Day feast!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and here at Bookends HQ we’ve been busy playing Cupid…

Whether you’re planning to celebrate with a romantic date night with that special someone, or a Galentine’s evening in with your best friends, we’ve pulled together all the ingredients you need for a Valentine’s Day feast!

For a wonderfully light starter, why not try Saliha Mahmood Ahmed’s Qubooli Rice Salad from her gorgeously vibrant cookbook Khazana. This dish is fresh, punchy, and packed full of Indo-Persian flavours!

Next up, we love Gino D’Acampo’s Farfalle with Clams, Mussels and Purple-Sprouting Broccoli from his latest cookbook, Gino’s Italian Adriatic Escape. The perfect dish to impress that special someone, or equally lovely as a tasty dinner for friends.

And if you’re after a vegetarian alternative that’s still packed full of flavours and Adriatic charm, Gino’s Aubergine and Caciocavallo Cheese Bake is a wonderfully simple dish that’s nonetheless sure to impress.

It wouldn’t be a Valentine’s Day menu without a serious serving of chocolately goodness, and The Brownie from Great British Bake Off contestant Liam CharlesLiam Charles Cheeky Treats delivers in a big way. The ultimate snack for a Valentine’s girls’ night in, or a sumptuous dessert to top off your romantic dinner, these brownies are sure to be a winner!

Read an exclusive extract from When You Read This by Mary Adkins

Read an exclusive extract from When You Read This by Mary Adkins

Read an extract from When You Read This
– the sparkling and heartfelt debut from Mary Adkins, out on the 7th of February.

Iris Massey is gone.
But she’s left something behind.

For four years, Iris Massey worked side by side with PR maven Smith Simonyi, helping clients perfect their brands.

But Iris has died, taken by terminal illness at only thirty-three.

Adrift without his friend and colleague, Smith is surprised to discover that in her last six months, Iris created a blog filled with sharp and often funny musings on the end of a life not quite fulfilled. She also made one final request: for Smith to get her posts published as a book. With the help of his charmingly eager, if overbearingly forthright, new intern Carl, Smith tackles the task of fulfilling Iris’s last wish.

Before he can do so, though, he must get the approval of Iris’s big sister Jade, an haute cuisine chef who’s been knocked sideways by her loss. Each carrying their own baggage, Smith and Jade end up on a collision course with their own unresolved pasts and with each other.

Funny and moving in equal measures, When You Read This is a sparkling debut about love, life, and all the emails you really wish you’d never sent.

Read an extract here.

When You Read This is out on the 7th February. Pre-order it now:

Read an extract from our Book of the Month, When All Is Said by Anne Griffin

Read an extract from our Book of the Month, When All Is Said by Anne Griffin

Read an extract from our Book of the Month, Anne Griffin’s poignant and heartwarming debut When All Is Said.

Five toasts. Five people. One lifetime.

‘I’m here to remember – all that I have been and all that I will never be again.’

At the bar of a grand hotel in a small Irish town sits 84-year-old Maurice Hannigan. He’s alone, as usual – though tonight is anything but. Pull up a stool and charge your glass, because Maurice is finally ready to tell his story.

Over the course of this evening, he will raise five toasts to the five people who have meant the most to him. Through these stories – of unspoken joy and regret, a secret tragedy kept hidden, a fierce love that never found its voice – the life of one man will be powerfully and poignantly laid bare.

Heart-breaking and heart-warming all at once, the voice of Maurice Hannigan will stay with you long after all is said.

Read an exclusive extract from this emotional and masterfully written debut.

And find out what our lovely reviewer panel, Friends of Bookends, had to say about the extraordinary tale of Maurice Hannigan.

When All Is Said is available to buy now:

Read an extract from The Sober Diaries by Clare Pooley

Read an extract from The Sober Diaries by Clare Pooley

Read an extract from Clare Pooley’s bravely honest and brilliantly comic account of how one mother gave up drinking and started living.

Clare Pooley is a Cambridge graduate and was a Managing Partner at one of the world’s biggest advertising agencies, and yet eighteen months ago she’d become an overweight, depressed, middle-aged mother of three who was drinking more than a bottle of wine a day, and spending her evenings Googling ‘Am I an alcoholic?’

In a desperate bid to turn her life around, she quit drinking and started a blog. She called it Mummy Was a Secret Drinker.

This book is the story of a year in Clare’s life: a year that started with her quitting booze having been drinking more than a bottle of wine every day. It sees her starting a hugely successful blog, then getting and beating breast cancer. By the end of the year she is booze free and cancer free, two stone lighter and with a life that is so much richer, healthier and more rewarding than ever before. Sober Diaries is an upbeat, funny and positive look at how to live life to the full.

Interwoven within Clare’s own very personal and frank story is research and advice, and answers to questions like:

How do I know if I’m drinking too much?
How will I cope at parties?
What do I say to friends and family?
How do I cope with cravings?
Will I lose weight?
What if my partner still drinks?

Read an extract here.

Buy The Sober Diaries in paperback now:

Real reader reviews:

‘This book has saved me.’ *****
‘It has been like a bible to me since giving up
alcohol.’ *****
‘It started a sober revolution for me.’ *****
‘Beautifully written, unsentimental, unflinching.’ *****
‘Clare has inspired me to radically rethink my
drinking.’ *****