My dream holiday destination, ft. Hannah Doyle, Chrissie Manby & Kathryn Flett

Where would our Bookends authors like to travel if money were no object?


Hannah Doyle, author of The Year of Saying Yes

Have you seen Casino Royale, the Bond movie? I watched it again recently and spent 50 per cent of the film fan girling over Eva Green and the other 50 per cent googling “where the heck are the lush scenes in Casino Royale filmed?”

(Until I lost interest in the flick because it’s so ruddy long).

Anyway, Bond is meant to be in Montenegro. That’s over in Eastern Europe near Croatia, if you spent geography class drawing pictures of what eye makeup you planned to wear at the weekend like I did definitely didn’t.

Montenegro, you say! Cue endless travel research because I do love having a holiday to plan. And it turns out that Montenegro is super stunning. I’m talking pretty villages nestling amid jaw-dropping mountains with the cobalt sea sparkling below. Oh, and it’s just littered with ah-mazing looking hotels. I was on the cusp of booking a trip for my husband and I last summer, a final hurrah before our baby was born, when we found out that said baby was actually TWIN BABIES and I wouldn’t be able to fly so close to my due date. Plan foiled!

Here’s hoping that a trip to Montenegro will be a deferred pleasure for us, maybe next summer with our little tots in tow, or maybe next summer with our little tots in the care of Granny and co.

(I can already hear Granny running a mile. COME BAAAAAAACK!!!)


Chrissie Manby, author of The Worst Case Scenario Cookery Club

My dream destination would have to be Richard Branson’s Necker Island. I’m sure it hits all my holiday must-haves.  So long as Richard Branson himself didn’t keep popping up from behind a palm tree, I’m sure I’d had a wonderful time.


Kathryn Flett, author of Outstanding

I have a great affinity with Mexico and have spent some memorable holidays there.