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A comforting, practical and go-to expert toolkit for children dealing with loss and grief

The death of a parent, sibling or friend is one of the most traumatic experiences for a child and it can be hard to know how to talk to them about it. In this honest, comforting and strength-building guide, children will be able to look toward the future with hope.

Written by clinical psychologist, executive coach and founder of childhood bereavement charity Winston’s Wish, Julie Stokes OBE, You Will Be Okay is a comprehensive toolkit for children navigating grief. Julie shares case studies of children’s stories of loss and offers comforting advice on how to navigate strong emotions, which can flip from intense sadness to anger or happiness. Practical exercises, including how to create a memory box and managing different kinds of memories using ‘memory stones’, gently guide children in helpful ways to manage their grief. Along the way, children will learn how to flex their ‘grief muscles’ in order to develop confidence, trust, grit, a comforting memory store, a grief mindset and flexible feelings ­- the ability to notice, accept and talk about their emotions when they choose to.

You Will Be Okay teaches children that there are many things they can do to build strength and resilience in order move forward with life.

“The book I wish someone had read with me when I was young.”
Kristin Scott Thomas