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Acceptance And Change

Acceptance And Change

This is the first volume to focus entirely on psychological acceptance methods from the point of view of modern empirical clinical psychology.

Section 1 – The Essence of Acceptance
Steven C. Hayes on the Types of Psychological Acceptance
Michael J. Dougher on the Act of Acceptance

Section 2 – Treatment Approaches
Leslie Greenberg on Experiential Therapy
Albert Ellis on RET
Marsha M. Linehan on Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Kelly Koerner, Neil S. Jacobson, and Andrew Christensen on Behavioral Couple Therapy
James Cordova and Robert Kohlenberg on Functional Analytic Therapy

Section 3 – Problems or Populations
Joseph LoPiccolo on Paraphilias
G. Alan Marlatt on Addiction
Victoria Follette on Sexual Abuse Survivors
Susan McCurry and Amy Schmidt on Elderly Caregivers
Karen Griffee on Families
Edelgard Wulfert on Alcoholics Anonymous and Social Learning Theory
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Genre: Medicine / Other Branches Of Medicine / Clinical Psychology / Psychotherapy

On Sale: 30th April 2011

Price: £34.99

ISBN-13: 9781878978318