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My Writing Space – Jill Mansell

I have the loveliest writing space – it’s the sofa in my beautiful living room. I once had an office up in the spare bedroom, but being shut away up there felt like some kind of punishment so I found myself sneaking back downstairs, which also has the advantage of being closer to the fridge, and now the office is just a junk room instead!

Jill's Livingroom

I like to write with the TV on, to keep me company and supply with me ideas for plots. Last year, we bought a reclining sofa, and for the first few days I kept falling asleep while I was meant to be writing. (It’s so comfortable though…) I write by hand, so the reclining sofa and I are a good fit.

From the front window, I can see everyone passing the house, which is nice, and the sunset if we’re lucky enough to have one. From the back French windows there’s a view of the garden, and of the gorgeous wire sculpture I commissioned last year, of a life-sized trotting foal. (Beyond our garden is a sports centre, so while I’m working I can hear the sounds of cricket being played in the summer, and rugby or football in the winter.)

Jill and foal sculpture

I’ve tried sitting out in the garden to work, but there are just too many distractions, which is sad. I’m not actually great at working anywhere outside my home. If I’m not in the living room I’ll be upstairs in bed, but that gives me an uninterrupted view of the sports being played in the fields behind our fence so that’s another form of distraction. But it’s not a bad distraction to have!

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