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What I’m hoping for under the tree, with Cate Woods

If you’re like us, you will have been working on your Christmas list for months and months. Now the time is nearly upon us, what did you ask for? Authors Cate Woods, Tasmina Perry, Mike Gayle and Lucy Dillon reveal what they’re hoping to receive this Christmas.


Cate Woods, author of Just Haven’t Met You Yet

For the past few years I have asked Father Christmas (my husband) for a Vitamix. This, for the uninitiated, is a high-speed blender, but really, it’s so much more than just that. It makes hot soup! And peanut butter! It even cleans itself! Problem is, my husband is worried that if he gives me a household gadget people might think he’s a chauvinist pig who sees his woman’s place as in the kitchen, and I sort of get his point, but surely getting me a Vitamix wouldn’t be an act of patriachal oppression if I’ve asked him for one (repeatedly)? The main reason, however, that there’s unlikely to be a Vitamix in my stocking again this year is that it’s expensive. We’re talking second-hand car expensive. And although it does boast an impressively powerful engine, it’s probably not powerful enough to give me a ride to the shops or do the school run, and certainly not with any room for passengers. So I have resigned myself to another Vitamix-less Christmas, and my husband can look forward to another year of me telling him how much cheaper and more fun it would be to make our own every time he reaches for a jar of peanut butter.


Tasmina Perry, author of The Last Kiss Goodbye

I enjoy reading memoirs with a business twist, so I’d love to get Tommy Hilfiger’s American Dreamer, Jo Malone’s My Story and Alexandra Shulman’s Inside Vogue.

I also like trying out new hobbies and skills so I’d be very pleased to get a voucher for a course. I recently did an evening class to learn brush lettering and calligraphy and would love to do something similarly creative, fun and a bit different.


Mike Gayle, author of The Hope Family Calendar

A brand new TV with all the bells and whistles (although it’s more likely to be socks!)


Lucy Dillon, author of All I Ever Wanted

To be honest, I’m just hoping the tree will stay upright and not be pulled over by our Border terrier in a pine frenzy. It’s like a drug to him.


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