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It wouldn’t be Christmas without…

Five days to go people – this is not a drill!

Emma Hannigan, author of The Perfect Gift 

It wouldn’t be Christmas without present doubt! Each year I decide I’m going to be ultra-organised. Mid November I make my list. I buy for all the names listed, wrap them lovingly and then the real problems start. I look at one and decide it’s not enough. Then I spot another and fear although it was expensive, it’s small and possibly looks cheap.

So I go for it and make a mad dash for the shops – by this time Christmas will be dangerously near – and more or less start over. Because once you’ve bought something else for one person you need to do it for everyone else! Is it just me? Does anyone else suffer with present doubt?

Merry Christmas one and all. I’m off to the shops to buy more!

Chrissie Manby, author of A Fairy Tale for Christmas 

Pretending I’m in the video for Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses. In the privacy of my own kitchen, of course.

Mike Gayle, author of The Hope Family Calendar 

Mince pies. Once I start on them I find it impossible to stop…warmed in the oven…a dollop of double cream…*drools*

Stella Newman, author of Seven Steps to Happiness

It wouldn’t be Christmas without…Booze, and lots of it.  Call me Scrooge but I’m one of those rare mega grouches who’d prefer to wave a wand on December 1st, then wake up on January 1st when the whole festive shebang is over.

Santa has yet to give me that wand – so instead I’ll look forward to Champagne on Christmas morning, then a lot of red wine to accompany my mum’s fifteen course meal, then a reasonable sized glass of Baileys with my mince pies – just because I’ve drunk all the brandy butter – and in the evening maybe some single malt whisky with my dad while we watch It’s A Wonderful Life.  Actually maybe Christmas isn’t quite so bad after all…

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