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The hardest person to buy presents for – Bookends authors own up!

We all have that one person in our social circle or family that’s an absolute nightmare to buy presents for. Our authors share their most troublesome recipients.

Louise O’Neill, author of Almost Love

My father is impossible to buy for because he’s basically a hippie who feels uncomfortable with what he sees as rampant materialism. He accepts presents with a great deal of reluctance.

Emma Hannigan, author of The Wedding Promise

It would be a toss up between my hubby and my Dad. Both are the pragmatic types who don’t believe in having anything that isn’t going to be used non-stop. They don’t get the idea of needing more than one pair of evening shoes. I know, they need help right? We all know we can never have enough shoes.

My Dad has a massive collection of wine books; he loves to look into types of grapes and methods of production of wines etc. So we usually buy him a few bottles of unusual wines.

Hubby is a triathlete and Ironman enthusiast, which used to give me great scope for buying gear. But five years ago he opened a one-stop shop for triathlon paraphernalia. So now I have to look for things that are not associated with triathlon because he’s surrounded by it all the time! Last year I got him a gin advent calendar, which he adored. Any hints would be gratefully accepted.

Laurie Graham, author of The Early Birds

This year, my hostess, who has decreed a £10 limit.

Rebecca Tinnelly, author of Never Go There

My Dad and Stepmother: I don’t like to buy them the standard mum and dad presents of socks or smelly soap, but it is increasingly difficult to be creative. Last year I collated their old, loose photographs into albums which was great to do and fantastic to flick through together.