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Team Bookends’ New Year’s Resolutions

Looking to change something about your life? Draw inspiration from our resolutions for 2018.


Last year I said I was going to go to the gym, look after myself a bit more and learn calligraphy. I can report that I signed up to a gym – was very good for about a month and then froze my account. I also bought all the bits I needed for calligraphy (in November) and gave it a go. I’ll be sticking to this one as it’s very relaxing so can I say to learn calligraphy again? Second time lucky! Helena

My New Year’s Resolution is to bring in more packed lunches so I can splurge on the weekend in fancy restaurants! And to try reading more crime novels. Oh and of course to be myself (inspired by my favourite anti-guru Sarah Knight’s new book You Do You). Hannah

The obvious one is “read more books”! But I’d also like to get to more exhibitions this year. I used to work for an art gallery and be able to swan into any exhibition I liked. It was fantastic! Now I have less free time, but an hour or two in front of beautiful or thought-provoking pictures is very good for the soul, so I need to get back into the habit. Alice

I’d really like to learn meditation and a martial art, to take more notice of my breathing and calm my mind. I find it quite hard to relax, so I think meditation will be really beneficial, and a martial art – well, I’ve always thought they are so cool! Aimee

To learn a new skill – I have been talking about pottery which sounds like the perfect antedate to a stressful day in in the office. I love the idea of switching off, and creating something beautiful at the same time! Vicky