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Emma Hannigan reimagines her wedding at Christmas

I got married seventeen and a half years ago. Hubby and I got engaged on New Year’s Eve, and managed to organise a wedding and dash up the aisle less than six months later. We never got around to being stressed about it, nor did we hit brick walls of panic on the lead up to our nuptials. But, of course, I did dip my toe into the whole world of weddings and the massive industry that surrounds it. I have no regrets about our day or, thankfully, about the man I married. We’ve had plenty of bumps along the road as life has thrown plenty at us, but we’re still as strong as ever.

In a recent interview, I was pushed to think of something I would change if I had my wedding all over again. On our day, the sun shone (yes, we were utterly blessed as Irish weather normally isn’t so compliant), everyone had a ball and we celebrated until the wee hours. But I’ve often pondered about how it might have been if the rain had poured down and the winds had howled. So I guess if I had to do it all again, I’d eliminate the small amount of stress regarding weather that I had leading up to the big day by having my wedding at Christmas time! Instead of hoping for sun we would all look forward to, and expect, cold and blustery days.

Anyone who knows me will confirm that I adore Christmas. I can’t get enough of the twinkling lights, decorations, wreaths, trees, roaring fires and cosy togetherness this time of year brings. So how romantic and divine would it be to have a wedding at Christmas?

Okay, I can hear rumbles from the bah-humbug brigade saying it’s a selfish time of year to hold nuptials. After all, people have enough expense at that time of year. But turn that notion on its head, and think of it in a positive way. It would bring family together. People who mightn’t come home every Christmas would have the extra excuse of being there. Everyone has a Christmassy outfit, so here’s an opportunity to wear it again! Or, if you’re a total shopaholic like me, it’s a fine reason to go and buy a new glittery dress.

Also, the menu would be sorted so easily – who doesn’t love turkey and ham with all the trimmings? As for expensive wedding favours on the table, forget them and go for Christmas crackers! I can’t think of a better way of breaking the ice and getting everyone telling jokes.

As a Christmassy bride, I would also ensure I get to wear a white cape with fur around the hood as I happily channel my inner Snow Queen… I’m getting very excited at the thought of all this. I’m off to convince my God-daughter to have her upcoming wedding at Christmas. Failing that, my hubby had better watch out. I never said I wasn’t open to a renewal of vows ceremony, now, did I?

Emma’s novel THE HEART OF WINTER is available now in paperback and ebook.

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