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A Perfect Weekend With Morgan McCarthy

As the end of the week (finally) approaches, author of THE HOUSE OF BIRDS Morgan McCarthy lets us in on her perfect weekend. Morgan, would you rather…?

Long lie-in or up with the lark?

Long lie in. Larks may get more done but their smugness makes them terrible company.

Full English or a super-food smoothie?

Full English chased with a super food smoothie to cancel out the calories.

City break or an escape to the country?

The countryside turns to brown sludge around this time of year, so: city.

Bookshop browsing or exploring a library?

Libraries make you give books back, which upsets me, so bookshops.

Re-reading an old favourite or trying something different?

I have read the same book every weekend since 1998 and I see no reason to change now.

Cocktails or coffee?

Cocktails, made by me. I do a great Amaretto Sour, raw egg and all.

Traditional Sunday roast or grand kitchen experimenting?

Going into the kitchen is an experiment for me. So: Sunday roast, made by someone else.

Time to write or time to step away from the computer?

Depends what has been achieved in the week. So, usually: time to write.

The feel of a shiny-new book or the smell of a dog-earned classic?

The smell of a shiny new book.

Dressing up to the nines or jeans & wellies?

Dressing up. Preferably fancy dress. It’s nice, but not necessary, for other people to be in fancy dress too.

Morgan McCarthy’s latest novel, The House of Birds is a beautiful and bewitching story of love, war and second chances.

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