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Ten Things I Wish I’d Said Yes To…with Hannah Doyle

We’re celebrating the release of Hannah Doyle’s debut novel THE YEAR OF SAYING YES! And in the spirit of saying yes we asked Hannah to give us 10 things she wished she had said yes to…



  1. This is seriously middle class probz but bear with me… I backed out of a high school skiing trip when my friend decided not to go. I didn’t learn to ski until my 20s and now I’m a total chicken on the slopes! (Quite good at the après, though).


  1. The little lacy dress from Topshop I tried on and randomly rejected in 2009. Still have flashbacks to that beauty.


  1. Every single offer of soft blue cheese / wine from before I got pregnant.


  1. A two week sailing trip around Malaysia with my BFF. The FOMO when she shared her holiday snaps across Facebook was too much.


  1. Eating Itsu for lunch every damn day when I lived in London. Since moving to Yorkshire and working from home, I spend an embarrassing amount of time wishing I’d upped my noodle pot consumption when I had the chance.


  1. Going on the fairground rides with my husband at Tivoli in Copenhagen. His gallant attempt to disguise his disappointment when I said I was scared (of the teacups) makes me feel a pang of sadness to this day.


  1. Spending more time with wonderful loved ones before they became stars in my sky.


  1. An engagement photoshoot. No YOU’RE a cheese ball! At the time I thought we’d be too busy but, given how much I love poring over our wedding photos, I now realise it would have been a super cute idea.


  1. Partying with a rapper in Vegas. I was interviewing said rapper when we figured out we had the same birthday and he invited me out to America for his celebrations. Tbh, at seven years his senior and with an engagement ring already on my finger at the time, I think I made the right choice. But still… Vegas!

And the one I really wish I’d said no to…

  1. Being filmed for Channel 4 News in a Union Jack onesie. Put it this way, I did not deal with my own moment in the spotlight with the same sass as Izzy does in The Year of Saying Yes.

The first part of THE YEAR OF SAYING YES is out in eBook today! Join Izzy on her hilarious journey from January blues to a year filled with joy.

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