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As the ever divine Beyoncé says… Who runs the world? GIRLS!

We’re continuing our love for International Women’s Day on Bookends with author Hannah Doyle and lots of #YesSquad love. 

‘International Women’s Day has got me thinking about all the incredible women who I’m lucky enough to have in my life. I’ve been reflecting on my own personal achievements of late, like leaving the house without baby sick on my top (winning at life), and those of my favourite girls, who are busy nailing incredible careers, being towers of strength, growing tiny humans and generally just owning it.

Because we’re a pretty brilliant bunch, right ladies?

Izzy, the main character in my new book The Year of Saying Yes, spends a lot of the novel realising just how important her own squad are to her, too. As things take a super exciting turn and her life is transformed from dull to dreamy, it’s the group of women around her who help Izzy realise that she is one badass babe in the end. Sure, there’s a romantic interest or two to keep Izzy on her toes, but she’s going to learn that a man in her life isn’t the be all and end all. Because, as the ever divine Beyoncé says… Who runs the world? GIRLS!

Now go give your besties a call and spread the love!


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