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A surprise piglet and The Great British Bake Off-Team Bookends pick of the week!

We’re back with our pick of the week and we’ve got a whole bunch of our best-loved articles from the week. Including the new presenters of GBBO (!) and how women should stop calling themselves old once they hit thirty.



Like everyone else, I’ve been waiting on bated breath for the announcement of the new presenters on the Channel 4 series of GGBO.  It was a lively debate in my household: Would Jo Brand move from An Extra Slice? Could it be Clare Balding? Will it be one or two people? Now it’s been revealed! I am so excited about Sandi Toksvig – I love her and I think could fill Mel and Sue’s shoes admirably. Noel Fielding – an odd choice in my bake off opinion but we’ll see!



I’ve been cheering on the government of Iceland this week, as they’re putting legislation in place to ensure that there is no longer a wage gap between men and women. The new legal documentation states that companies will need to prove that they are paying their employees equally for equal work being undertaken. This movement towards more transparency is making me happy and hopeful that a similar initiative could come into force in the UK in the future. But how far in the future? That remains to be seen.



Once I hit the age of 25 I admit that I deemed myself old. I’d much rather cosy up with a mug of hot chocolate and Netflix than head out to some sweaty nightclub. I even enjoy trips to Ikea (don’t hate me) but this article tells us that we should STOP calling ourselves old…we’re all still spring chickens.



No more words are needed than ‘Surprise piglet of the day’…

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Team Bookends Pick of the Week


Team Bookends Pick of the Week