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My Ultimate Travel Companion ft. Hilary Boyd, Katie Marsh, Talulah Riley and Emily Giffin.

Today we’re asking four of our fabulous authors who they couldn’t go away without – from Hilary Boyd’s five-star husband to Talulah Riley’s canine companion, these authors have got a lot of love for their  ultimate travel buddies!

Hilary Boyd, author of A Perfect Husband:

This has got to be my husband. Dubbed by the family as Thomas Cook II, Don is a 5 star traveller. He’s been all over the place, since he was a child living in Africa. So nothing phases him about going abroad. He loves finding hotels, booking tickets, buying guide books, doing a comprehensive recce of the place we’re visiting. I should rent him out!

Me, I’m the exact opposite. I need – and it does feel like a ‘need’ – to be at the airport the day before the plane leaves – or preferably the week before. I panic about losing money, not speaking the language, getting lost. I so envy people – Ray Mears is my hero – who put a knapsack on their back and go somewhere seriously wild… or disappear down the Amazon in a boat, ride horses in Patagonia, go on Safari… There are wild animals out there, guys, in case you haven’t noticed.

I’ve got lazy, I’ll admit it, over the 45 years we’ve been travelling together. So maybe without Don I’d have hardened up, become more adventurous. And then again, maybe I wouldn’t!

Katie Marsh, author of This Beautiful Life:

My daughter, Evie. She gets excited when we buy a new kind of cheese from Tesco, so you can imagine how gleeful she is about a whole new location to explore. Her enthusiasm and curiosity is endlessly infectious and I adore travelling with her.

Emily Giffin, author of First Comes Love:

My ten-year-old daughter Harriet (my husband and twin sons aren’t too bad either!)

Talulah Riley, author of Acts of Love:

My ultimate travel companion is a dog. They’re incredibly easy-going and always up-for-anything. Also, with a dog, you’re forced to see places in a completely new way — it’s not necessarily the easiest and most convenient way, but it’s always an adventure.

Dog travel companion

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