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My Ultimate Travel Companion ft. Chrissie Manby, Guinevere Glasfurd, Emma Hannigan and Sarah Maine.

From Ryan Gosling to David Attenborough, today our authors are dreaming of the ultimate travel companions for their summer adventures.


Chrissie Manby, author of The Worst Case Scenario Kitchen :

My ultimate travel companion would be Ryan Gosling. Or someone exactly like Ryan Gosling who isn’t married to Eva Mendes. I’m pretty sure she could take me in a fight.


Guinevere Glasfurd, author of The Words in My Hand:

My husband. He takes the photos I forget to.


Emma Hannigan, author of The Wedding Promise:

I’m happiest when I’m on holiday with my family. But if I could choose anyone in the world to go on holiday with it would have to be Graham Norton.

I’m a massive fan of his TV show, who isn’t? I had the privilege of meeting him at the Irish Book Awards a couple of years ago. Actually, I sat beside him for dinner! Yes!

He was the most charming and lovely man. He spoke to every single fan (and there were many) and signed all the books that were thrust in his face and chatted to all in sundry.

He was also completely hilarious and was very comfortable telling stories and chatting to hubby and I as if we were old friends. I did the fan girl thing in the beginning and fired questions at him like an unruly machine gun. He took it all in his stride, I’m guessing it wasn’t the first time it had happened. But once I calmed down and we were able to get on with “normal” conversations, he was a hoot. So I would be honoured to meet him again. I’d try to be less like Donkey from Shrek, asking him thousands of questions, and would instead channel my inner calm.

I know it’d be a fabulous holiday, I can dream can’t I?


Sarah Maine, author of Beyond the Wild River:

David Attenborough!


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