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My Ultimate Travel Companion ft. Kay Langdale, Lucy Daniels and Prue Leith.

We’ve asked three of our fabulous authors who their ultimate travel companion would be – from Kay’s personal Italian teacher, to Prue’s husband John, who’s a “why not?” kind of guy, let’s see who they couldn’t go travelling without…

Kay Langdale, author of  The Way Back to Us

I love to listen and learn, so I’d choose to travel with someone who knows a lot about where I’m visiting. My current top pick would be Helena Attlee who wrote The Land Where Lemons Grow. I’m learning Italian, which she speaks fluently, so I could improve at that too.

Lucy Daniels, author of Summer at Hope Meadows

This is an easy one, as it is my husband Charles. He loves exploring cities on foot, as do I. We are both fascinated with food, and enjoy seeking out new gastronomic experiences. Best of all, he travels extensively for work, meeting colleagues around the world so he is a fount of information about how everything works, when to barter and who to ask.

Prue Leith author of Relish

It’s very boring to nominate your husband as your best travel companion. But holidays is what John is best at. He buys all the history and guide books and swots them up in advance, whereas left to myself I’d find myself reading them, and discovering what I’d missed, on the plane home. He never minds if I slope off for a massage while he tramps round a museum. He loves road trips as much as I do and does all the driving.  He trawls foreign market stalls for cheap but brilliant necklaces, or clothes, for me. He’s always up for anything, with a default position of Why not? It’s like having a personal travel agent, guide, historian, chauffeur, bag carrier, shopper and lover. What’s not to like about that?


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