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How do you decorate your Christmas Tree?

Ever wanted to know how some of your favourite authors decorate their Christmas trees? Look no further! Whether it’s fairy lights on first or last or how they decorate the rest of the house we have all the answers!

Carmel Harrington, author of Cold Feet

I adore everything about Christmas – in particular the decorations. I am firmly in the camp of decorations go up on 1st December! In our house, it’s all about the tree. Or trees, I should say. Because we have one in the living room and one in our open plan kitchen, dining room and library. I’ve been collecting ornaments for the tree for nearly thirty years now. And each one holds a special memory for me and our family. I love placing them on the trees each year, remembering when I bought them. Then every New Year, when we take the decorations down, the children have a vote, to decide which is their favourite ornament. A tradition that I hope one day they’ll pass onto their own children.

Kirstie Allsopp, author of Kirstie’s Real Kitchen

I genuinely believe I have the world’s largest collection of Christmas decorations. Right now I have no idea which ones I will be using this year, but at some point I’ll pick a theme and go for it.

Della Parker, author of The Reading Group

As quickly as possible because I have two large hounds who like to ‘help’ which involves stealing baubles, tripping over tinsel and sitting on the Christmas lights.  One’s an Irish Wolfhound and one’s a White German Shepherd, so this is not helpful. Crushed Christmas decs aren’t a good look.

Laurie Graham, author of The Early Birds

No tree this year because I’m going away. Just my little Russian nativity figures and a lovely big wreath on the front door.

Rebecca Tinnely, author of Never Go There

Lots of tinsel, lots of glitter and lots of lights. There is nothing classy or elegant about my Christmas decorating and colour schemes go swiftly out of the window. If it has a remote connection to Christmas it will go up. The tree will be covered in a mixture of inherited decorations, new baubles and homemade offerings from the children. We make something new every year, so our tree looks slightly different from one season to the next.

We also have two cats, who have a habit of rearranging any Christmas decorations we put up, so I’ve learned to be relaxed and unfussy about the décor.

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