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Graham Norton, Jill Mansell, Holly Bourne and Beth Good tell us which of their characters deserve a special Christmas gift!

Christmas is just around the corner now, and we couldn’t be more excited for mulled wine, pigs in blankets, and lots of presents under the tree! 

To get us in the mood ahead of the big day, we’ve asked four more of our fantastic authors to tell us which of their characters deserve an extra-special Christmas gift this year, and what they would choose to give them…

A Keeper Graham Norton

Graham Norton, author of A Keeper

When Elizabeth was a little girl, I wish her mother Patricia had bought her a puppy, so that she would have felt less alone.

Jill Mansell, author of This Could Change Everything

Definitely Zillah, everyone’s favourite character from This Could Change Everything (and named after my own glamorous grandmother.) She’s eighty three, incredibly stylish and glamorous, and I’d love to buy her something wonderful. I’d get her a stunning violet hat with a wide brim and a swooping green and purple peacock feather at the side. And a Chanel lipstick in fuschia pink with velvet gloves to match.

How do you like me now cover

Holly Bourne, author of How Do You Like Me Now?

I’d get Dee one of those dummies which makes your baby look like it has a moustache. I’ve been waiting my whole life to see a baby have one of those moustache dummies. If I ever have a baby myself, that will be one of the major reasons I choose to have one. 

Winter Without You

Beth Good, author of Winter Without You

Lizzie from Winter Without You, one of my heroine’s besties, who’s a complete darling. She loves to dance about, but hardly has a penny to her name,so I would get her an iPod and load it with great pop songs!