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Team Bookends: Who’s the most difficult person to buy Christmas presents for?

We all know it’s much better to give than to receive…but here the Bookends team reveal the people who make it really difficult each Christmas!

My dad is the absolute worst person in the world to buy for. The classic ‘man who has everything’; whenever we ask for hints at what to get him he can’t come up with anything, and a week later he’ll have bought himself a new shirt or watch, it’s incredibly frustrating! Hannah

I’d have to say my Mum. Every time I ask she tells me that she doesn’t need anything! I feel like I’ve exhausted every option. Now I tend to suggest we go for afternoon tea or an exhibition at the V&A as it means we both have something to look forward to. Helena

My husband is pretty tricky. He never provides a list of what he wants but also hates a surprise…so I can’t win either way! One thing he does love is pictures of our kids (awww) so he’ll probably get some nice framed photos this year.  Alice

The most difficult person to buy for is undoubtedly my Dad. He is only really happy with items that he has chosen for himself – yet he is always disappointed not to have a surprise on the day. It’s a lose: lose situation every year. But this year, I think I’ve nailed it with Bletchley Brainteasers – a puzzle book that’s been storming the charts. He maybe unpredictable with his taste in Christmas presents. But there is one thing I know for sure – he is impossibly competitive and is unrelenting when it comes to any crossword, sudoku or jigswaw. You won’t see him for days once he gets locked in to something like that. So this year I am hoping (and praying) we have a problem SOLVED. Vicky