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Kate and Wills, we’ve got some baby name suggestions for you…

We’re all very excited about the new royal baby here at Team Bookends, so we thought we’d offer Kate and Wills some inspiration using our favourite fictional heroes.

the royals babies GIF


Sherlock – what better name for a Royal baby than a British icon? Plus, he’d be the smarter, more interesting sibling! I can see it now – George, Charlotte and little Sherlock…

sherlock GIF


I really wish they’d call him something like Albus but that’s probably too ‘out-there’. Maybe as a compromise they’d call him Harry after his uncle (but in our minds, after Harry Potter…)

harry potter ugh GIF


Gatsby. Fit for self-made royalty and new-born princes alike, this 1920s American classic would make the perfect name for the newest member of the Royal family.

leonardo dicaprio GIF


In all seriousness if they don’t name that baby Heathcliff I’ll be distraught. He’d grow up to be the brooding mysterious counterpart to George’s rosy-cheeked jolliness and Charlotte’s sassiness.

angry baby GIF

So tell us, folks – which one is your favourite?