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Q&A With Joanna Bolouri, author of the naughtiest rom-com of the year RELIGHT MY FIRE!

The funny and fiery Joanna Bolouri has done it again! Phoebe and Oliver, the beloved protagonists from bestseller THE LIST are back and naughtier than ever in RELIGHT MY FIRE!



Relight My Fire

To celebrate we’ve got a fabulous Q&A with Joanna herself!

1. Your current TV obsession

The Good Fight. There’s nothing I don’t love about this show. I was really into the Good Wife, but I think I might love this a bit more. It’s so intelligent, the writing is amazing, the characters are complex and it’s sexy without even trying to be. I’m already sad that it’ll end one day because shroom microdosing, Trump hating Diane Lockhart is my Queen

2. Your ultimate comfort food

Crisps. Crisps are my comfort and probably my downfall. The crisp aisle is the best aisle in the supermarket and I get annoyed when they put those ‘healthy’ snacks near them; like those pea-based monstrosities or seaweed thins. Potatoes or GTFO.

3. The last thing you saw at the cinema

I tend to limit my cinema trips to horror nights with my equally ghoulish friend but the last film I saw was The Greatest Showman. I didn’t even want to see it, but my daughter dragged me along, so I agreed, hoping to nap while she watched Wolverine pretend to be a ringmaster. However, I started crying about five minutes in when some kids started singing because I’m ridiculous and by the end I was inwardly applauding and wondering if I was too old to do musical theatre.

4. If you could star in any role

When I was younger it would have been Andie from Pretty in Pink as I was obsessed with Molly Ringwald. We both had big lips, gummy smiles and unruly hair, only boys actually fancied her.  It’s still one of my favourite films which I’ll happily quote word for word and spoil it for everyone watching. Now that I’m older and grumpier, I think I’d choose The Blair Witch. I’d own those woods and would bring my own sticks.

5. Your most used cookbook

Is this the part where I pretend that I can cook? I’m afraid my recipes are either limited to ‘steam veg and cook meat in oven until burned’ or plucked from YouTube where I’ll pause and rewind it thirty-seven times to see how to open a tin.

6. Tea or coffee

Coffee during the day (milk, one sweetener) and sometimes tea at night. I pretty much mainline coffee from the second my eyes open. I like to buy coffee for the car behind me at the Costa drive thru and then feel good that someone got free coffee and maybe their day just got a little better.

7. The show you wish had not been cancelled

I would say Arrested Development, but Netflix licensed new episodes which mended my broken heart, so I’m going with Community. That show made me laugh hard, especially Donald Glover and Chevy Chase. I don’t care that Chevy Chase was rude during filming, I’m not his mother.

8. Starter or dessert

I’d choose savoury over sweet most days so I’m very much a starter type of person. I want a small plate of dinner before my big plate of dinner and usually I’m in a food coma before the desert menu comes out.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek into Jo’s life, and don’t forget RELIGHT MY FIRE is out now! https://amzn.to/2kD6Psb