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Kathryn Hughes, Annabelle Thorpe, Andy Jones and Rosanna Ley tell us which of their characters they’d take on holiday – and why!

From exploring Marrakech, to relaxing by Lake Bled – four more of our fabulous authors tell us which of their characters they would take on holiday, and why!


Andy Jones, author of FOUR

Certainly none of the characters from my new book FOUR. They’re trouble. And there’s no way on earth I’d trust Mike or Alistair around Mrs Jones. Then again, Sally is an experienced GP which might come in handy. Have you seen the size of the bag I’ve got to carry? If I don’t pop a hernia lugging that to and from the beach it will be a miracle.

Annabelle Thorpe, author of What Lies Within

I’d LOVE to go away with Dame Edith.  She’s an 84-year-old famous travel writer who lives in Marrakech and is something of a schemer.  She’s also grandmother to one of my three main characters, Hamad.  She’s had quite the life – I’d go anywhere with her, but first choice would probably be Egypt.  I’ve never been, and she would know it intimately.  It would be quite the adventure.

Kathryn Hughes, author of The Key

The Key is mainly set in a mental hospital so there are many characters in the book who are deserving of a holiday, but I would take the main protagonist, Amy.  She’s a troubled young girl but is she really mad, bad or just sad? I’ve recently returned from Lake Bled in Slovenia and I can’t think of a better place to re-energise the soul.  Clear mountain air, turquoise lakes, secluded hiking trails and even a splendid castle clinging onto a cliff edge.  Absolute bliss.

Rosanna Ley, author of Her Mother’s Secret

I would take Étienne from Her Mother’s Secret. He writes thrillers – among other things – so maybe we could go to an idyllic writing retreat (like Finca el Cerrillo in Andalucia which I visit every year) to exchange notes.