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When You Read This by Mary Adkins | Friends of Bookends Reviews

Iris Massey is gone.
But she’s left something behind.

Funny and moving in equal measures, When You Read This is a sparkling novel about love, life, and all the emails you really wish you’d never sent.

Find out what the Friends of Bookends thought about Mary Adkins’ warm and funny debut…




‘Death. It’s pretty final, isn’t it? Yet as Mary Adkins demonstrates in this remarkable debut, a person’s death is not necessarily the end of their story; particularly in the modern digital age.’

‘Whilst this book will entertain you and make you laugh, it will also cause you to question your own mortality.’

‘I loved this book. Set out as it is in email and blog form, it is an incredibly easy and entertaining read. Difficult to stop, in fact; and I could easily imagine this being adapted for the screen.’

‘I look forward to more from Mary Adkins in
the future, bravo!’


‘Although the subject of cancer and of death is not a cheerful one, the book doesn’t drag you down whilst reading about it. It is sad and moving of course, but the book interlaces the humorous sections just right so you never feel as though you can’t go on. In fact, I couldn’t put it down (except only once because I had to sleep).’

‘Carl was a great side character, he provided such humour with his well-meaning initiatives, trying to help Smith and often landing him in trouble.’

‘I recommend this book to anyone who can find hope in the darkest of situations.’


Whilst about grief in its many manifestations, this is in essence a love story. It is about the love between siblings, of parental love in whatever form that takes, of romantic love and how some can only show love in toxic ways.’

When You Read This is available to buy now!