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Friend of Bookends Angela recommends The Paper Wasp…

The summer is hotting up and if you’re searching for your summer reading recommendations look no further! The Paper Wasp by Lauren Acampora is an electrifying debut novel of two women’s friendship, a haunting obsession and twisted ambition, set against the feverish backdrop of contemporary Hollywood. A book that you’re guaranteed to get wrapped up in this summer!

Angela N

Abby and Elise are childhood friends – destined not to fit into their provincial small-town lives: Elise because she is destined to become a film star, and Abby due to her vivid imagination. Escape is easier for Elise, as she segues naturally into a life in Los Angeles. For Abby however, the path is much longer, more twisted and circuitous. Eventually the two women’s lives reconnect in LA, creating a stirring and complex story.

“Lauren Acampora’s prose is poetic, with descriptions and imagery akin to a fever-dream … the LA setting and first-person narrative of the intense Abby paint a vivid and at times almost stifling picture. “

Once Abby reconnects with Elise and moves to LA, the reader is acutely aware that Abby’s intense attachment to Elise and the pair’s unconventional life will lead to less-than-favourable consequences.

“The slow burning and languid story Acampora weaves stretches this sense of foreboding to just the right length before the satisfyingly dark ending.”

I was pleasantly surprised by this book as I do not tend to enjoy more poetic prose, usually just wanting the author to ‘get on with it!’ It’s credit to Lauren Acampora that my interest level remained high for the duration of the book.

The Paper Wasp is out now – click here to buy!