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Thursday Nights at the Bluebell Inn by Kit Fielding | Friends of Bookends Reviews

Each week, six women of different ages and backgrounds come together at their local pub. There they form an unlikely darts team, but it is their hidden stories of love and loss that in the end binds them…

Find out what the Friends of Bookends thought of Kit Fielding’s raw, funny and devastating debut…


“A moving, intimate and wonderful portrait of six very different yet simultaneously very similar women.”

“I’m not a great lover of multiple viewpoints or of narratives that have several timescales, but in Thursday Nights at the Bluebell Inn they are exquisite and completely magical. I was utterly captivated by every word. This is such a wonderfully written book because each individual first person narrative is distinct and affecting.”

“Every single one of the women is clearly and sympathetically drawn, even when she is flawed and behaving badly. I felt less that I was reading about them, and more that I was sitting in The Bluebell Inn on a Thursday night eavesdropping their conversations and their inner most thoughts. I loved each and every one of them and now I’ve finished the book I miss them.”

“Kit Fielding has woven so many believable strands into Thursday Nights at the Bluebell Inn that there truly is something for every reader. There’s death, love, political activism, abuse, passion, and above all an overwhelming sense of living depicted here so that I hated being away from the book. It called to me so compellingly that my life went on hold until I had devoured every word. There is fabulous humour balanced so poignantly with deep feeling that Thursday Nights at the Bluebell Inn vibrates with raw and vivid emotion and life.”

“Thursday Nights at the Bluebell Inn is a novel that far transcended my expectations. I found it funny. I found it emotional. I thought it was wonderful.”


“A lovely read. We learn all about the loves and lives, the losses and traumas of the six women who make up the ladies darts team at The Blue Bell Inn. Each player is crafted so well we feel we know them so quickly and share their triumphs and their disasters.”

“A delicate read leaving me wanting to know what happened next.”


“Thursday nights have never been so entertaining.”

“Even if you know nothing about darts, like me, this doesn’t matter; it’s the women who make the story and capture your interest…

Irish Mary, Katy, Lena, Pegs, Maggie and Marie, aka Scottie Dog all have their own upsets and tragic secrets which will all come out throughout the book as to what motivates and moves these women’s lives and how they deal with it, the darts being their only escape.”

“Very easy to read but very hard to put down.”


“Kit Fielding has created real characters which stay with you after you have read the book. His novel provides life stories within the format of a novel. I hope he writes a sequel so that we can discover more secrets!”


“I love a book than can deftly combine various plotlines into one, and Kit Fielding is a master of this. Despite the story mainly taking place once a week, on dart night, he manages to create a rich plot for each of the women at the heart of his novel, each more heartbreaking than the previous one.”