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Escape the world with these books

Escape the world

It’s a strange time out there at the moment and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be turning to books for some escapism! There’s really no better time to completely lose yourself in another world, so team Bookends have put together a list of books we think are perfect to escape with.

The Book of Wonders by Julien Sandrel 

Open your heart to the this heart-warming and charming story about finding the joy in every moment of life and making each and every day count

Thelma and Louis, it’s always just been the two of them, Thelma and her beloved son, Louis

But when Louis is involved in an accident, their lives are turned upside down, as Louis falls into a coma. Feeling lose without him by her side, Thelma finds Louis’ book of wonders – a bucket list of all the things he wants to accomplish in his life. She suddenly sees a way to feel close to him: she will fulfil Louis’ dreams, living them out for him, in the hope that it will inspire him to survive.

Thelma is about to set off on the adventure of a lifetime… and in a way, so is Louis…

The Book of Wonders

The Book of Wonders is available here

Escape Routes by Naomi Ishiguro

Characterised by its own brand of pleasingly unsettling magic, Naomi Ishiguro’s Escape Routes matches the inventiveness of David Mitchell with the fairy-tale allure of Angela Carter. 

A space-obsessed child conjures up a vortex in his mother’s airing cupboard. A musician finds her friendship with a flock of birds opens up unexpected possibilities. A rat catcher, summoned to a decaying royal palace, is plunged into a battle for the throne of a ruined kingdom. Two newlyweds find themselves inhibited by the arrival in their lives of an outsized and watchful stuffed bear.

Whether snared in traps artfully laid for them, or those of their own making, the characters in Naomi Ishiguro’s delightfully speculative debut collection yearn for freedom and flight, and find their worlds transformed beyond their wildest imaginings.Escape RoutesEscape Routes is available here

Her Husband’s Mistake by Sheila O’Flanagan

Dave’s made a BIG mistake. What’s Roxy going to do about it? The riveting new novel from No. 1 bestselling author Sheila O’Flanagan. Perfect for readers of Marian Keyes and Amanda Prowse. 

Roxy’s marriage has always been rock solid.

After twenty years, and with two carefree kids, she and Dave are still the perfect couple.

Until the day she comes home unexpectedly, and find Dave in bed with their attractive, single neighbour.

Suddenly Roxy isn’t sure about anything – her past, the business she’s taken over from her dad, or what her family’s future might be. She’s spent so long caring about everyone else that she’s forgotten what she actually wants. But something has changed. And Roxy has a decision to make.

Whether it’s with Dave, or without him, it’s time for Roxy to start living for herself…

Her Husband's Mistake

Her Husband’s Mistake is available here

The Lemon Tree Hotel by Rosanna Ley 

An enchanting, feel-good story about love, family secrets, and a little piece of heaven

In the beautiful village of Vernazza, the Mazzone family have transformed an old convent overlooking the glamorous Italian Riviera into the elegant Lemon Tree Hotel. For Chiara, her daughter Elene and her granddaughter Isabella, the running of their hotel is the driving force in their lives.

One day, two unexpected guests check in. The first, Dante, is a face from Chiara’s past, but what exactly happen between them all those years ago, Elene wonders. Meanwhile, Isabella is preoccupied with the second guest, a mysterious young man who seems to know a lot about the history of the old convent and the people who live there. Isabella is determined to find out his true intentions and discover the secret past of the Lemon Tree Hotel.
The Lemon Tree Hotel

The Lemon Tree Hotel is available here

Three Days in Florence by Chrissie Manby

The wonderful and hilarious read from Chrissie Manby, perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Lucy Diamond and Trisha Ashley.

‘An absolute joy to read… a gentle romantic comedy that ticks all of the right boxes. I highly recommend this book when you need a little pick me up. It’s a lovely read.’ – Brew and Book Reviews

Three Days in Florence

Three Days in Florence is available here

The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna by Juliet Grames

From Calabria to Connecticut: a sweeping family saga about sisterhood, secrets, Italian immigration, the American dream, and one woman’s tenacious fight against her own fate.

This powerful and compelling story has characters so beautifully drawn you’ll feel you know them personally. Mouth-watering descriptions of Italian food and fascinating social history add to the novel’s ever-changing canvas. With layer upon layer of misfortune for Ms Fortuna, this is far from an easy read, but its captivating plotting will keep you rooting for Stella until the end. – S Magazine, Sunday Express

The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna

The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna is available here

(Hardback and ebook is out now. Paperback is out 02/04)