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Bookends Festive Q&A, Episode 2!

Family around christmas tree

Welcome back book lovers, this week we’re asking our fabulous authors how their characters would be spending Christmas! Find out below…


Joanna Bolouri – How would Nick from All I Want For Christmas be spending this festive season?


I imagine Nick would be reminiscing about his time as Santa Claus and wishing he still had access to those selection boxes. He’d definitely be planning something amazingly festive for Sarah, something cool for little Alfie and something suitably inappropriate for his best mate, Matt. There would also be several terrible Christmas jumpers.


Graham Norton – How would Connor from Home Stretch spend Christmas?


Connor from Home Stretch would make the effort to get back to Ireland. At the end of the book he has come to understand the importance of family and his roots so I see him looking too hot, a paper crown sticking to his sweaty brow, sitting around the Hayes dining table in Mullenmore.


Lizzie O’Hagan – How would Eve and Max from What Are Friends For spend this time of year?


On any standard wintery weekend, I imagine Eve would definitely be at home trying to send ‘one last email’ for work before her best friend Becky bounds in to force her laptop shut. Then, Eve would reluctantly give Becky (and their cat Buster) a fashion show, despite the fact she was only going to meet Max – and he thinks she looks beautiful no matter what she wears. Then I imagine Eve and Max would spend plenty of time mooching around Borough Market, trying loads of free samples and making plenty of time to sit back and people watch, imagining increasingly obsurb backstories for each of the people they see walk by. Finally, I think they’d both have to migrate back to North London for a massive pile of pasta at Ciao Becca with their best friends Becky and Tom – pasta may not be a traditional seasonal dish but this family-run restaurant is the place where Eve and Max feel most at home.


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