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Author of Can I Give My Stepkids Back? tells us more about her book!

Author of Can I Give My Stepkids Back?, Aurelie Tramier has recorded a lovely video to give us an insight into the story, characters and why she wrote this sweet and funny novel. Watch the video below!


Find out more about Can I Give My Stepkids Back? here:

As a childcare centre director, Morgan has to deal with kids every day but would much rather run her own boarding kennel. Snoopy-Morgan’s beagle-s indeed the only living being she has considered family these past few years. When her sister and brother-in-law die in a terrible car crash, she has no choice but to adopt their two children.

The unexpected addition to her household is clearly unlikely to get her closer to her canine goals. And as if this wasn’t enough, she seems to be getting it all wrong with her “stepkids”, ordering bedding her new son Elliot finds terribly childish, and forgetting to bake a cake for school on Lea’s birthday. Grandma Catherine is convinced she’d do a much better job…

When Snoopy sprains his leg, the kids are swept off their feet by the handsome single vet who’s nursing him back to health. They’re convinced he and Morgan would be a match made in heaven. Now they only need to convince Morgan…

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