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30 things you need to know about Nina Mistry, star of Thirty Things I Love About Myself

Thirty Things I Love About Myself by Radhika Sanghani

Nina Mistry is the star of Radhika Sanghani’s upcoming Thirty Things I Love About Myself. After spending the last night of her twenties in a prison cell, with no one to use her one phone call with, Nina goes on a journey of self-discovery. We fell in love with her falling in love with herself, and we think you will, too.

Want to learn a little bit more about her? Here are 30 things we think you should know about Nina…

1) Nina is the ultimate Taurus
2) She’s one of the bravest fictional heroines out there
3) When she messes up, she’s strong enough to say sorry
4) She’s flawed but self-aware
5) She has the best sense of humour and always sees the funny side of life
6) Nina loves food. Like, a lot.
7) She constantly clashes with her mum – but still loves her
8) She would do anything for her brother
9) She’s always got her own back
10) Her life is both shitter and more interesting than her friends’ lives
11) Nina tries really hard
12) Nina often fails – but is it really failing, when she was brave enough to try?
13) She isn’t obsessed with finding a partner
14) She’s more obsessed with finding self-love
15) She’s easily excited. Especially by anything edible
16) She’s really into star signs and will ask you where your moon is
17) She’s never done tantra before, but that doesn’t mean she won’t try
18) Nina always puts herself out there
19) Her dream is to use her words to inspire others
20) She’s got a lot of energy
21) If she says she’ll do something, she does it
22) She’s the kind of friend who will always be there for you
23) She is full of love
24) She’s so much stronger than she thinks
25) She never gives up
26) Even though she left school over a decade ago, she still wants an A in everything
27) She’s stubborn – but also determined
28) She’s incredibly open
29) She is nothing like the rest of her family
30) She learns to really, truly 100% love herself