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Friends of Bookends reviews THREE WEDDINGS AND A PROPOSAL

An Engrossing and Powerful Novel.

Delphine has a great job which she loves and a wonderful boss who treats her well. She is incredibly happy with her lot, travelling abroad at the drop of a hat and not having to answer to anyone. Yes, she goes home to an empty house at night but that is the way she likes it, isn’t it?

Suddenly Delphine must re-evaluate every aspect of her life when her circumstances drastically change, causing her to question everything. Where is she now? Where does she want to go and does she need a permanent man in her life? Of course, her girlfriends and her family all have an opinion, don’t they, but does she listen to them?

Having read several Sheila O’Flanagan books previously, I was excited to read this novel and was not disappointed. This compelling story of identity and reflection, of love and belonging, covey’s a strong message, to feel comfortable in your own skin and not to feel pressurised into conforming to other people’s views of what your life should be like.

A fantastic book for summer reading.

Anne, Friends of Bookends


Delphine (or Delphie to her family and friends) has her ideal job at an investment company which she loves. You might think she has everything she could possibly want, but she doesn’t have a partner, not that it matters to her, but when her brother is persistently asking her who is to be her plus one at his wedding, she cannot think of anyone whom she would like to take along. After meeting up with her ex Ed Miller, on a return flight from Mallorca, she realises that Ed can be her plus one, she knows him and is comfortable with him. But during the wedding a terrible accident occurs involving her boss and from there her whole world changes and not for the best. Delphie realises quite quickly that she has to be better, better at her job, better with her family, better at sorting out things that she really shouldn’t need to but she does. As time goes on she realises that things don’t always go to plan both with work and on the relationship side, big decisions have to be made, but will she choose correctly for herself or other people in her life?
A story of female friendships, work challenges and also life challenges as Delphie works out what she wants from life and what is important to her.
Just the right book for immersing yourself into when you are on holiday or just chilling out at home, you can almost feel the heat from Mallorca and the warmth of family life as you read it and the characters are totally engaging, Delphie is such a strong female lead character you just can’t help warming to her. I liked it when she likened herself to Elizabeth Bennet, I thought that was so true! I would give this book a 5☆ review as I was totally absorbed into the story from the first to the last pages.


Heather, Friends of Bookends


This story centres around Delphie, who is an executive assistant to a wealthy Irishman. Delphie’s job involves travelling the world doing whatever this man needs her to do, and she really does love her job. She is single, and lives in an idyllic sounding cottage by the sea, she really does have a great life. All that’s missing is someone to share it all with. Not that Delphie minds, but her family do. Her big family all seem to feel sorry for loveless Delphie, and this upsets Delphie slightly, because she really doesn’t need a man to be happy, does she?

The final straw about Delphie’s love life comes about when her family incessantly ask her who she is bringing as her plus one to her brothers upcoming wedding. Delphie takes a quick trip away, last minute as usual, for her boss. Whilst seeing her boss, he offers a new role – bringing her on to the executive board. Delphie can’t believe her luck. On the flight home, she bumps in to her old flame, Ed. Ed is a whole other story after he left her for a job abroad. Does Delphie miss Ed? Does she need love in her heart? Are her family right? Only Delphie can work that out.

This is the first book I’ve read from this author, shockingly. And I actually really enjoyed it. It was such an easy read, definitely perfect for those summer days. The story touches on the pandemic, but not massively, and I liked the fact it wasn’t overwhelmingly about the pandemic, but it was spoken about, as it gave the story a much more real feel to it. The characters were really strong, and I enjoyed the independent woman feel that came from it. I also like to take something from the book I’m reading, and from this I took away that it’s ok to not live your life how other people think you should live it, or go down a set journey that life says you must take. I took away that it’s ok to be a strong, independent woman who is career focused. That it’s ok to live how you choose to live. Although I like the characters, I didn’t find I connected or related to them, but that didn’t stop the book being enjoyable. This would be a great book club choice, as there’s so many different elements you could discuss. Overall, I really enjoyed the easiness of this book, and would recommend as a summer, beach read.


Natalie, Friends of Bookends


Empowering and sweet, this story will make you believe in yourself.
I am an avid reader,  so I always have different types of books in my hands, but this one has a different flair, something that none of the others have, the truth that if you are not happy with yourself, you’ll not be happy with anyone.

I really enjoyed this read, there are some very interesting characters involved in the plot, a little bit of mystery and the dark side of the relationships, because there’s not always rainbows and everyone has faults.

It was easy to follow Delphie steps, she is an intelligent and brave woman;  the only thing she wants is to be happy but she seems to be in an impasse, not only in her work but her personal life too. This story is to give hope and that little push to change our life, because if we are not happy,  the only one that can change it is ourselves, not anybody else.

This book will be part of your life for a few days, the characters, the stories will surround you and your day to day routine.

This is not my first book by Sheila O’Flannagan, they always have a special touch and real stories, making the reader fall in love with the story since the first page. But for me this one is special, for the meaning and the message that transmits and Delphie, a good reference in anyone’s life; always believe in yourself.

Are you ready for “Three Weddings and a Proposal?


Maria, Friends of Bookends


This author is new to me despite an impressive  body of work so I came to the story with no preconceptions. I found it an interesting novel as it kept making me think it was going down a certain path but it didn’t! From the title I wondered if it was a romance/chick lit story and there are fairly dominant elements of that. But there was a point where I thought it might be going down the legal novel route and it didn’t, then I thought it might be heading down the mystery route, but, again, it didn’t!  I even thought we might be heading for a thriller but we weren’t. So all in all the book kept me on my toes! Ultimately I found it went beyond mere romance to look at the place of women within our contemporary society; their motivations and aspirations and it examines families, friendships and loyalties between men and women.

Clearly the work of an experienced novelist the narrative progresses, evenly balanced with sufficient detail to create a palpable picture of one woman striving to make sense of her world and how she fits into it without compromising her true self. It’s an enjoyable read with some strong characterisations, very much a book for today’s women.


Gill, Friends of Bookends


I was pretty excited to receive this book as I am a big fan of Sheila O’Flanagan and I like her Irish romantic novels. I was not disappointed by this book, although what I loved about it was its slight departure from the norm.
Delphine (Delphie) Mertens is a law graduate, working as an executive assistant to a very successful man called Conrad. She’s pretty indispensable to him; flying to his villa in Mallorca at a moment’s notice, bidding on a very expensive bracelet for him to give to his girlfriend, and trying to keep on the right side of his ex-wife. So when she takes a weekend off for once to go to her brother’s wedding and something happens which nobody could have foreseen, Delphie is required to question everything she understood about her life to this point.
The three weddings of the title are a useful plot device. Delphie is forever in search of a “plus one”, and when old flame Ed comes back into her life, she starts to think about whether her focus on her career is enough, or if it really is possible to have it all.
I really liked Delphie’s family. They seemed loving, if a bit focused on her love life, and I enjoyed her friendships with women having the same struggles between work and marriage and babies. I also enjoyed the bravery of not tying everything up neatly in a sugary finish, but allowing the things I liked about Delphie to remain in place.
If you’ve enjoyed Sheila O’Flanagan’s previous books, this is going to make you happy, and as a starting place it’s a pretty fun, enjoyable read.


Nicola, Friends of Bookends


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