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The first in a fun new series – ‘Brilliantly original and hilarious … it’s nearly as good as one of my books’ David Walliams.

‘One for fans of Horrid Henry and Tom Gates’ The Guardian

Edwin isn’t an ordinary boy. He is a king, with a throne, and his own suit of armour and a castle with secret passages and everything.

Every Friday, King Edwin spends all his money on chocolate for the peasants. But when the money runs out, Edwin finds himself in a fix. Cue the arrival of evil Emperor Nurbison, in his pointy-collared black cloak and accompanied by scary striding music. He has had his eye on Edwin’s kingdom for a while and intends to use the peasants’ unhappiness to his advantage!

When the emperor builds a fake dragon out of a cow, green crepe paper, furry monster novelty slippers and two birthday cake candles, to scare the peasants, Edwin knows it’s time to come up with the first sneaky plan he’s ever had in his life …


...mountains of silliness, bags of inventiveness and lots of charm!
Caroline Horn, Reading Zone
A brisk, bumptious read, full of preposterous names, surreal imagery and daft sound effects.
Financial Times
Brilliantly original and hilarious. It's nearly as good as one of my books.
David Walliams
Features an evil emperor with the silliest laugh and wacky illustrations. One for fans of Horrid Henry and Tom Gates
The Guardian
The funniest and most enjoyable book for this age group for quite some time. I even sang the song at the end. And apparently more to come in the series. I can't wait.
Clare Zinkin, Minerva Reads
This book made me (and my sister) laugh out loud a lot; the story is funny, the descriptions are hilarious, the extraordinary characters have fun quirky names and the illustrations made me giggle too. [...] At the end of the book there is the music and lyrics for "The Emperor's Striding Theme" which I am learning to play because like the book it's really funny and everyone deserves a theme tune. I recommend this book to everyone because its fun, quirky and hilarious.
Myth-hill, The Guardian Children's Books Young Reviewers
Two words - such fun!
Miranda Hart
With illustrations and hearty laughs on every page, this is sure to keep readers in stitches.
Carrie Morris, The Best New Children's Books Guide
An insanely funny debut children's series from Emmy award-winning writer and cartoonist, Andy Riley
Aldershot News & Mail
The book is funny and fast paced. It's a dream to read alone or to share with children ... Brilliant for 7-12 year olds. Particularly recommended for boys and reluctant readers.
Making Them Readers
...full of the most outrageous humour and brilliant detail.
Andy Seed, Hatman Reads