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How to Live Plastic Free

Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781472259813

Price: £12.99

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Thank you for choosing this book – it shows that you care about the future of our planet.

Whether you decide to go plastic free for an hour, a day or a year, this book will equip you with little steps we can each take to make a big difference.

Let’s turn the tide on plastic now – our oceans will thank you for it.

Choking. Starving. Poisoning.

This is what plastic litter is doing to marine life. Our oceans are, quite simply, facing environmental disaster. Yet by taking some simple steps and making a few changes to your daily routine, YOU can help to change this.

How to Live Plastic Free will teach you everything you need to know about reducing your plastic usage on a daily basis. The chapters start with a typical morning routine and take you through your day, giving you tips and practical advice for removing unnecessary plastic at every possible opportunity.

From the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed, you will learn how easy it can be to use plastic-free cosmetics, how to have plastic-free mealtimes, how to change your shopping habits and how to consider your use of plastic items at work.

These simple, practical methods will show that small changes to your lifestyle can make a huge change to the future of our planet.


What's Inside

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In the Moment magazine
One for the dedicated eco-warriors, this book provides tips for... protecting our oceans and you might also find that you save money in the process
The Independent
So here are the three simple choices; you can stick your head in the beach and hope that when you pull it out the nightmare has gone away, you can carry on regardless hoping that 'they' will fix the problems (but note - 'they' won't, 'they' won't even try until it's too late) or you can get up and get on with changing the world yourself. Which means that actually there isn't a choice at all. Read this book, think and then act - it's our only hope.'
Chris Packham, MCS Ocean Ambassador
It offers simple straightforward advice for everyday life. If you're trying to make changes at home, this is a brilliant handbook written by people who, like you and me live 'normal' lives and who have witnessed the struggle, first-hand, when trying to live a plastic free life. A good read from cover to cover or a pick up and put down book, it's full of advice on going plastic free from the time you get up until the time you go to bed with all the activities you can think about in between - babies, holidays, pets, cooking, clothes - they've left no stone unturned. And all with a good dose of humour and history thrown in! I love the sea and the coast and have always been passionate about the health of the ocean, so when it comes to taking on board the tips in this book - I'm in.
Deborah Meaden, MCS Ocean Ambassador