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4. What I’d like to find under the tree this year…

A page-turner, a posh piping kit and a… erm… plumber – read on to find out which of our authors have added these items to their wishlists this year, and what else they’ve been dropping a few hints about…

Sarah Vaughan

One of the joys of being a full-time writer is that I can now justify my book buying as “research” but I still love being surprised by a thoughtful book. My mother achieved that for my birthday when she bought me a first edition of A. L. Rowse’s St Austell, and a second on great Cornish families. That may not sound exciting but I’d just finished my Cornish novel (to be published by Hodder next June), and I’m hoping there’s inspiration for another in these.

This Christmas, I’d love some small Moleskine notepads to slip into my handbag or rucksack, and a T.G. Green Cornishware mug to remind me of my Cornish novel. I’d also like a Tala piping set, so that I can finally decorate my cakes as expertly as my characters; and perhaps a Fitbit to counteract the effect of the icing and my writer’s bottom!

Sarah’s debut novel THE ART OF BAKING BLIND is available in paperback and ebook now.

Julia Stagg

Copies of the first two books in my Fogas series, L’Auberge and The Parisian’s Return, in their beautifully revamped covers! Thank you Santa!

Julia’s festive novella A CHRISTMAS WEDDING is available in ebook now.

Rosanna Ley

I dream sometimes of the perfect parka. It must be cosy-warm and have fur inside (cream or brown). It will probably be khaki-coloured and definitely have a hood (also with fur). It will have long sleeves and be long in length too – almost down to my knees. It will be windproof and coldproof and snowproof and rainproof. I will fall instantly in love with it and it will never wear out.

My second gift would be the perfect notebook. This is spiral bound (soft cover), plain smooth paper, A5, with a pretty (tasteful) cover. They do exist, but are surprisingly hard to find.

The third thing I’d love to see under the tree is a perfect plumber. He will instantly fix my boiler and central heating for me. It will never stop working at the beginning of winter again.

Rosanna’s latest novel THE SAFFRON TRAIL is available in paperback and ebook now.

Tracy Rees

It’s time for a new handbag! Mine are all just reaching that stage of almost-disintegration where I just can’t get away with them for smart occasions. To be fair, they do get used hard! I stuff them full of books and notebooks whenever I go anywhere.

Ooh, and I’m going to York soon so will definitely pay a visit to Palenque which is my FAVOURITE jewellery shop in the whole world. Almost all my jewellery comes from there. Whenever I go I want everything, so if I should see a special piece and someone should pick up my “subtle” hints… well, it’s Christmas, right?!

Tracy’s debut novel AMY SNOW is available in paperback and ebook now.

Laurie Graham

Sadly my husband no longer knows it’s Christmas, so I tend to buy myself a little something. It may be Cabaret of Plants as recommended by me here.  It may be a bottle of sloe gin. But if Santa is listening, I’d kill for a small tin of caviar. And as I’m moving house on December 29th, I’d also love the services of a very strong fairy with a magic wand.

Laurie’s latest novel THE NIGHT IN QUESTION is available in paperback and ebook now.

Louise O’Neill

I would love a Louis Vuitton holdall or a Shrimps coat. Failing that, I never say no to a new liquid eyeliner. This one will be the one that never smudges, I just know it.

Louise’s latest novel ASKING FOR IT is available in hardback and ebook now.

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