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Make Mother’s Day Such Fun with Miranda

Miranda’s Daily Dose of Such Fun! is just that – a tip for each day of the year to bring more positivity into your life. Here’s the entry for 26th March – Mother’s Day this year – with another way to spread the love.

To break the habit of not saying hello to strangers, or even our neighbours (us Londoners are particularly bad about that), how about using a friendly, gung-ho ‘Yo’ to your fellow humans today? But let’s make it Miranda-esque and add in a dollop of random fun.
Buy a cheap yo-yo (a much underrated pastime). Go up to a friend, or a stranger if you’re feeling brave, and greet them with a hearty, ‘Yo!’ Whip out your yo-yo (not a euphemism), add another ‘Yo’ and start playing with your yo-yo (definitely not a euphemism).
NOTE: If nothing else, suddenly trying to be skilled at the yo-yo will distract your mind from any nasty fearful thoughts.

Miranda’s Daily Dose of Such Fun! contains 365 joy-filled tasks to make your life more engaging, fun, caring and jolly, and is out now!