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Books to kickstart your 2020!

The new decade has come and it seems like everyone is taking this as the ultimate opportunity to embrace the ‘New Year, New You’ mantra. To help you get on the right path, we’ve selected a few books that should help you make sure your resolutions stick. 



If you’re looking for a sustainable wardrobe refresh this New Year…


How to Break Up with Fast Fashion

You probably know the statistics: global clothing production has roughly doubled in just 15 years, and every year an estimated 300,000 tonnes of used clothing ends up in UK landfill.

Fast fashion is the ultimate toxic relationship. It’s bad news for the planet, our brains and our bank balances. We can’t go on like this; our shopping habits need an overhaul.

Journalist Lauren Bravo loves clothes more than anything, but she’s called time on her affair with fast fashion in search of a slower, saner way of dressing. In this book, she’ll help you do the same.

How To Break Up With Fast Fashion will help you to change your mindset, fall back in love with your wardrobe and embrace more sustainable ways of shopping – from the clothes swap to the charity shop. Full of refreshing honesty and realistic advice, Lauren will inspire you to repair, recycle and give your unloved items a new lease of life without sacrificing your style.

Because fashion belongs to everyone, but no outfit should cost us the earth.

How to Break Up with Fast Fashion is available to buy here.


If you want to get fit in 2020 from the comfort of your own home…


Max Whitlock, Team GB’s double Olympic gold-medallist, has spent years developing his own fitness regime and now he wants to share his workout secrets with you.

The Whitlock WorkoutThe Whitlock Workout gathers together all of Max’s user-friendly core strength exercises and quick workout routines that anybody can try, from simple stretches on your sofa, to those using just a cushion or a pillow, through to more advanced total body exercises which can be taken outside to your local park. Along with nutritional tips and his favourite quick and healthy recipes to help fuel your body, Max shares the secrets of his success and teaches us how to be fit for life.


Max is proof that if you train hard and eat well, you really can achieve amazing results from home. Whether it’s a spare 15 minutes in the morning before work, or half an hour at the weekend, The Whitlock Workout is perfect if you are looking to get fit, or want to build your core strength, but don’t have the time or money to go to the gym every day.

The Whitlock Workout is available to buy here.


If you need inspiration for some new healthy recipes…

TWOCHUBBYCUBS by James Anderson and Paul Anderson 

TwoChubbyCubsAre you looking for the ultimate cookbook to get your New Year New You off to a smashing start? Well look no further than the delicious debut cookbook from the duo behind one of the UK’s most popular slimming blogs, TWOCHUBBYCUBS, by James and Paul Anderson.

Containing 100 tasty but most importantly healthy recipes with a side of silliness for comedic therapy, a new and improved you will soon flourish. You can also find easy but filling food options that you won’t be able to stop eating and that also helped the cubs to shed over 18 stone between them.

Eating healthily quite often means cutting out tasty treats such as takeaways. But fear not, the TWOCHUBBYCUBS cookbook includes recipes for fakeaways, lighter versions of your favourite snacks and desserts as well as an ‘occasional blow-out chapter’ which will allow you to still have a delectable treat every so often, but won’t ruin all your previous hard work.

TWOCHUBBYCUBS is available to buy here.


If you want to improve your mindset…


Stop Reading The News

Who says that The New Year New You is just about getting a healthier body? Why not focus on improving your mindset and ridding yourself of some rather big negative influences in your life? Where better than to start with than Stop Reading the News?

In this manifesto which will take you on a quest for a happier, calmer and wiser life Rolf Dobelli will detail how reading the news could potentially be one of the most toxic sources of information in your life.

Make sure to put this read at the top of your list in the quest to get your New Year, New You and new mindset off to a positive and less disruptive start.

Stop Reading the News is available to buy here.


If you want to make the most of every moment…

THE BOOK OF ICHIGO-ICHIE by Hector Garcia & Francesc Miralles

The Book of Ichigo IchieLearn to make every moment a once-in-a-lifetime experience with this definitive guide to the Japanese art of ichigo ichie, from the bestselling authors of Ikigai.

Every moment in our life happens only once, and if we let it slip away, we lose it forever – an idea captured by the Japanese phrase ichigo ichie. From this age-old concept comes a new kind of mindfulness. In The Book of Ichigo Ichie you will learn to use all five senses to anchor yourself to the present and make every moment count.

The Book of Ichigo-Ichie is available to buy here.


If you’re looking for a heartwarming story about starting again…


Make Do and Mend A Broken HeartWhen you know how, you can make anything from scratch, including a new life after love…
When Leanne and Richard bought a dilapidated old seaside cottage to renovate together as their forever home, their future was full of hope and promise.
But heartbreak was just around the corner: fast forward a few months and Richard is gone. With his death, Leanne finds herself stony broke, faced with an uninhabitable home and lacking even the basic skills to do it up herself.
With the help of the friendly woman who runs the library and the reluctant assistance of the man who works in the local hardware shop, the cottage is lovingly restored. But broken hearts aren’t so easy to fix… are they?

Make Do and Mend A Broken Heart is available to buy here.