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Tell Me Your Secret by Dorothy Koomson | Friends of Bookends Reviews

“Personally, my favoured books always have strongly defined characters. Having read several Dorothy Koomson novels before, I was eager to read Tell Me Your Secret and experience the deeply thought-out characters I have come to know this author for. I was not disappointed.

Pieta has survived a harrowing experience with ‘The Blindfolder,’ a psychopath who kidnaps and tortures women for 48 hours then lets them go…So long as they keep their eyes closed the whole time. Oh, and he brands a number into their backs too. So far, so psycho. Jody is a Detective Inspector charged with finding the Blindfolder after Callie, another victim, comes forward publicly.

Without giving too much away, this book provides twists and turns that I definitely didn’t see coming. Koomson drip-feeds details of Pieta’s attack at just the right rate to ramp up the suspense and pressure. Frequently Pieta’s recollections of her ordeal snap sharply back to the present, creating a sense of menace and leaving the reader to wonder just who can be trusted. I feel like a also need to mention Kobi, Pieta’s son: So many authors are unable to write realistic children, Koomson does a stellar job here. This is quite some skill considering how well the psychopathic characters are written too!

I was so pleased with this book. I looked forward to reading it each day and gobbled it up in huge chunks! Existing fans of Dorothy Koomson will not be disappointed and new readers are sure to be delighted.”

Angie – Friends of Bookends reviewer

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