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You’re trapped underground with a serial killer.

Would you save their life to protect your own?


‘Surprising. Sinister. Compulsive.’ Jo Furniss

‘Cunning and claustrophobic.’ Robert Scragg

‘Races along at breakneck speed.’ N.J. Mackay

‘Excellent.’ James Delargy


The Artist

No one knows who The Sculptor is. A successful artist, whose works sell for millions – each one with a deadly secret at the centre of each piece.

The Killer

There’s a serial killer on the loose – dismembering women’s bodies and leaving them washed up along the shore. The Coastline Killer is free and no one knows how to catch him.

The Victim

Alice has designed her life to be as safe as it possibly can be. She takes no risks, and makes sure nothing is a threat to her or those she loves.

But when an earthquake brings all three together, will anyone get out alive? And if you were trapped with a serial killer, would you protect their secrets to save your own life?


Surprising. Sinister. Compulsive. First, Buried turns all your expectations of a serial-killer thriller onto their head, then twists land with the power of aftershocks all the way to a totally unpredictable ending. Elle Croft's latest cries out to be read in one breathless sitting
Jo Furniss
Ever since I heard the premise for Elle Croft's new book I was desperate to have a read, and this didn't disappoint! Layering on the peril and tension with each chapter, Buried is a thriller that will keep you breathlessly turning the pages, desperate to reach an ending that will haunt you long after you've finished. 2022 readers have a treat in store!
Louisa Scarr
An outrageously cunning and claustrophobic spin on the serial killer genre
Robert Scragg
I just finished Elle Croft's Buried and not sure I breathed once. I've been buried underground with a serial killer on the loose. Heart only beginning to slow now. Look over your shoulder, people!
Rachael Blok
A high concept serial-killer thriller that delivers on its premise. A dark twisty tale about survival, humanity and how one may erode the other. Full of Croft's trademark moral conundrums, the story races along at breakneck speed to a shocking conclusion!
N.J. Mackay
Buried is an intense battle of wills between a serial killer and their victim when they are trapped underground together after a massive earthquake. This is an excellent concept that is seen through with great skill with the battle for survival intensifying as the victim begins to learn who the serial killer is and what he is capable of.
James Delargy