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Our authors share their most romantic moments ever (part 2)

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TAMARA MCKINLEY, author of Echoes from Afar

The most romantic gesture I’ve had was from my husband.   We’d been engaged as teenagers and drifted apart, only to meet and fall in love again thirty-five years later.   He always knew I wanted to go home for a visit to Australia, so he bought tickets for us to fly there for my birthday and to visit family and friends.   I’d been away for many years and I cried when we touched down in Sydney and he whispered, ‘Welcome home,’ but the most magical moment was when we walked on the beach that had been my childhood favourite, and he presented me with a childhood favourite, a Violet chocolate bar – similar to a Crunchie, but with dark chocolate.   Needless to say, I shared it with him and then stole chocolaty kisses as we watched the sun go down and listened to the parakeets return to their roosts.

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CHRISTINA HOPKINSON, author of The Weekend Wives 

The most romantic, chick flick thing ever to happen to me was during my end of first-year exams at university. I studied at the sort of place where you have to wear traditional gowns to do exams in an ancient hall, which only adds to the cinematic flavour of this story. As I was midway through my last exam, a tall rather dashing looking man strode up to the front desk to pick up some more paper. As he did so, he casually threw a note onto my desk which read: ‘Will you come to the Trinity Ball with me tonight?’. I went bright red and spent the rest of the paper distracted, especially since I couldn’t go with him because I was, Cinderella style, actually working at the ball.

I feel like that story should end with the words, ‘and that’s how your father and I met’. Instead, we had an awkward conversation after the exam and I was later aggrieved to find I had flunked that paper and he’d got himself a first!

ALEX POTTER, author of Love From Paris 

It was a freezing day in December and I was travelling home on the bus, laden down with supermarket shopping bags. It had been a long day and I was tired and suffering from a stinking cold. Traffic was bad so I texted my husband to tell him I was running late. Finally, as the bus pulled up at my stop, I wearily got up from my seat. It was already dark and as the automatic doors opened, I braced myself for the ten-minute walk home. Then I saw him, sitting at the bus stop waiting for me with a large, steaming Hot Toddy he’d just made and the biggest smile, my husband. As I stepped off the bus he handed me the flask of hot whiskey and honey, grabbed my bags and walked me home, his big strong arm around my waist. Now that’s what I call romance.

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CHRISSIE MANBY, author of A Proper Family Adventure 

It’s not your traditional hearts and flowers that touch my heart. A cup of tea in the morning is the way to make me smile.

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