On My Life by Angela Clarke

On My Life by Angela Clarke

“What an amazing, roller-coaster ride and also a searing indictment of the way women are treated in prison. Highly recommended. Elly Griffiths, author of The Stranger Diaries

Framed. Imprisoned. Pregnant.

Jenna thought she had the perfect life: a loving fiancé, a great job, a beautiful home.

Then she finds her stepdaughter murdered; her partner missing.

And the police think she did it…

Locked up to await trial, surrounded by prisoners who’d hurt her if they knew what she’s accused of, certain someone close to her has framed her, Jenna knows what she needs to do:

Clear her name.

Save her baby.

Find the killer.

But can she do it in time?

On My Life by Angela Clarke is out now in eBook. Available here.