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The Bookends Picnic 2020 | Three authors share their favourite places to read

Whether it’s lying in the garden with a glass of wine by your side or in a cosy nook where no-one can disturb you, everybody has their favourite place to read. This week as part of The Bookends Picnic, Isabelle Broom, VB Grey and Jill Mansell share with us their favourite places to read!


Isabella Broom, author of Hello, AgainHello, Again

On a sunny day, out on the swing seat in my Suffolk garden, but I do love snuggling down in my oversized beanbag in the evening, glass of wine in hand, dogs snoozing around my feet, and perhaps a scented candle or two lit. I have also discovered that the only way I will ever get any ironing or gardening done is if I have Audible keeping me company. I’m currently listening to A Knock At The Door by T W Ellis, which is grip-lit at its finest.


Tell Me How It Ends - VB GreyVB Grey, author of Tell Me How It Ends

In a wicker rocking chair on the verandah of a friend’s house in the Caribbean (yes, I’m spoilt rotten). I can look up from the page to a view of bougainvillea, green fields, palm trees and the distant sea.





It Started with a Secret - Jill Mansell

Jill Mansell, author of It Started with a Secret

Obviously I love to read just about anywhere, but on our reclining sofa is a favourite place. It’s the most comfortable sofa we’ve ever owned. When the sun’s shining, I might head out to the garden, but I do find myself endlessly distracted by insects, either wasps or darting flies, or ants crawling like ninjas up the legs of my sun lounger. Before long, I generally find myself getting annoyed and racing back indoors so I can carry on reading in peace.


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