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The Bookends Picnic 2020 | Where is your favourite place to read?

Bookends Picnic

This summer, we’ve got some of our favourite authors together to share their 2020 summer reading essentials – from what books they’ll be reading this summer to their dream holiday location.

Today we’re talking to Sarah Steele, Linda Green and Sophie Claire and finding out where their favourite place to read is.


Sarah Steele, author of The Missing Pieces of Nancy Moon

I live in an old Cotswolds cottage, which I bought on the basis of what has become our reading nook. Set into the sitting-room wall, it used to be the old spiral staircase, and once you’ve climbed in and bedded down on plump cushions with your book, it’s very hard to tear yourself away.


Sophie Claire, author of A Forget-Me-Not Summer 

In the garden on a sunny day (a rare treat here in Manchester!). Or even better – at the beach on holiday.


Linda Green, author of One Moment 

I’m currently listening to most books (due to an eye problem which makes reading small print difficult) so am often on the move or doing jobs at home. My idea of luxury is to leave the multi-tasking behind and just lie in a garden chair with my eyes shut and listen!

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