Read the 1st chapter of Where There’s a Will by Beth Corby

Read the 1st chapter of Where There’s a Will by Beth Corby

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Read the never before seen 1st chapter of Where There’s a Will by Beth Corby – THE fun, uplifting, romantic read for summer 2019!

Would you take the chance that could change everything?

After leaving university at the age of twenty-five with no idea what to do with her life, Hannah is stunned when she is left a mystery bequest by her rich, estranged great-uncle Donald.

But there’s a catch: before she can find out what she’s inherited, she must undertake a series of unknown tasks alongside Alec, Donald’s reluctant (but rather gorgeous) PA.

As the tasks progress and she and Alec grow closer, Hannah begins to think that Donald’s real gift might have more to do with love than money . . .

This funny, romantic and uplifting novel is perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Cathy Hopkins and Anna Bell.

Read the 1st chapter by clicking on this link here.

Where There’s a Will is out in eBook on 30 May 2019. Pre-order it now.

Romantic Reads from Team Bookends

Romantic Reads from Team Bookends

We’re in the mood for romance! And just in time, too – we’ve selected some delicious ebook reads guaranteed to gear you up for Valentine’s Day. Added bonus: they’re all 99p!

Getting Over Mr Right

Getting Over Mr Right by Chrissie Manby

Have you ever had your heart broken? How did you get over it? Did a tub of ice cream cheer you up? Did you delete his number and start again? Are you now friends with your ex? Perhaps you’re godmother to his children?

In which case, you’re a weirdo and this book is not for you.

But if you reacted with denial, begging or a spot of casual witchcraft, then you’ve come to the right place. This is one woman’s journey from love to lunacy and back again . . .

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Perfect Wives

Perfect Wives by Emma Hannigan

Perfect for fans of Maeve Binchy, a heartwarming novel of love, friendship and coming home from the Irish bestseller…

When actress Jodi Ludlum returns to the Dublin village of Bakers Valley to raise her young son, she’s determined to shield him from the media glare that follows her in LA. But coming home means leaving her husband behind – and waking old ghosts… Francine Hennessy was born and raised in Bakers Valley. To all appearances, she is the model wife, mother, home-maker and career woman. But, behind closed doors, Francine’s life is crumbling around her. As Jodi struggles to conceal her secrets and Francine faces some shocking news, the two become unlikely confidants. Suddenly having the perfect life seems less important than finding friendship, and the perfect place to belong…’

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The Love Detective

The Love Detective by Alexandra Potter

Because love is the greatest mystery of all . . . Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with this magical romantic comedy from the bestselling author of Me and Mr Darcy.

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Bay of Secrets

Bay of Secrets by Rosanna Ley

Set between England and the Spanish Canary Islands, three women learn the truth about their shared past, and discover the importance of family.

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Monday to Friday Man

Monday to Friday Man by Alice Peterson

A funny and heart-warming novel about love and loneliness, family and loyalty, lodgers and friendships – it’ll put a big smile on your face.

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The List

The List by Joanna Bolouri

The List: ten things you’ve always wanted to do in bed but never had the chance (or the courage!) to try. A bucket list for between the sheets. One year of pleasure, no strings attached.

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Now That I've Found You

Now That I’ve Found You by Ciara Geraghty

Everyone deserves to find that one person who’s meant for them, don’t they? Honest and wise, poignant and warm, this is completely absorbing storytelling for fans of Jojo Moyes and Marian Keyes.

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Katherine by Anya Seton

‘A great adventure, powerfully told’ (Philippa Gregory)

A sumptuous tale of passion and danger in the medieval court, Anya Seton’s Katherine is an all-time classic.

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A Proper Family Holiday

A Proper Family Holiday by Chrissie Manby

Could you survive a week-long holiday with your entire family? Newly single magazine journalist Chelsea Benson can’t think of anything worse.
Your grubby small nephew torpedoing any chance of romance with the dishy guy you met on the plane . . .
Your eighty-five-year-old granddad chatting up ladies at the hotel bar . . .
Getting nothing but sarcastic comments from your older sister, who’s always been the family favourite . . .
And all this is before your parents drop their bombshell.
Is a week enough time for the Bensons to put their differences aside and have some fun? Or is this their last ever proper family holiday?

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Amy Snow

Amy Snow by Tracy Rees

Unlock the secret with the Richard and Judy bestseller. ‘My favourite novel of last year’ Lucinda Riley. Perfect for fans of The Seven Sisters, The Lake House and Dinah Jefferies’ The Tea Planter’s Wife.

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Don't You Forget About Me

Don’t You Forget About Me by Alexandra Potter

From the bestselling author of Me and Mr Darcy, this funny, magical love story is for every girl who has loved, lost and dreamt of getting her man back.

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Turning Forty

Turning Forty by Mike Gayle

How to turn forty:
1. Set yourself a personal challenge.
2. Clear wardrobe of all age inappropriate clothing.
3. Relax.

How not to turn forty:
1. Have a complete meltdown . . .

‘Wise, witty and wonderful . . . a triumph!’ Jenny Colgan

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Lavender House

The Lavender House by Hilary Boyd

Emotional, page-turning women’s fiction from the author of #1 ebook bestseller, Thursdays in the Park. Will Nancy dare to risk a second chance at love with a man her family and friends tell her is totally unsuitable? Beautiful storytelling for fans of Erica James, Veronica Henry and Harriet Evans.

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Cate Woods takes us on her writing journey

Cate Woods takes us on her writing journey

I’m always fascinated to discover how people end up as published authors.

After all, it’s not like there’s a clear, well-trodden career path, such as there is to become a vet, for instance, or an astronaut. Newspapers don’t advertise vacant book-writing positions in their careers section. You’re not going to get headhunted for a job as an author. Life may present you with the opportunity to become one, but more often than not it takes a long and complicated journey to get there.

For me, that journey began back in 2002. I was working in TV as a production manager, a job that primarily involves budgets and bossiness, and since I wasn’t very good at either I knew it was time for a career change. I had wanted to be a writer since falling under the spell of The Lord of The Rings as I child, so in a moment of uncharacteristic bravery I quit my job and went to work at a celebrity magazine.

I loved being a journalist. I was writing every day, meeting fascinating people and getting paid for it: most of the time it didn’t even feel like work. I remember being flown to New York to interview Bon Jovi, arriving at my luxury downtown digs and wondering how the hell I was managing to get away with it.

The only slight niggle was that my skill as a writer was proving far less important than my ability to actually get the story. The job of a celebrity journalist is 90 per cent hustle and 10 per cent writing, but my talents, such as they were, lay in putting words together: I was useless at networking, chasing scoops and all the other stuff that makes a brilliant journalist.

To flex my writing muscles, I started work on a novel (set in the world of celebrity magazines, naturally) in my spare time, but I soon discovered that writing fiction and journalism are as different as preparing a soufflé and mayonnaise – same main ingredient, totally different techniques – and I never got past the first chapter. I would have to stick with the mayo.

It was shortly after returning to work from maternity leave, however, that life lobbed me another curveball. An opportunity arose for me to ghostwrite a style and fashion book for Katie Price and, as my editor understandably wasn’t keen to give me time off work to write 50,000 words on pink legwarmers, I took another leap of faith and left the magazine.

Since then ghostwriting has led me on some fantastic adventures. I was fortunate enough to work with Mary Berry on her autobiography and have very happy memories of sitting in her kitchen as she chopped, stirred and simmered whatever we were having for lunch that day while sharing her memories. Then there were the sunny afternoons spent in Jo Wood’s living room, listening to her eye-popping tales of touring with the Rolling Stones while trying not to gawp – or blush.

Fast-forward to 2014: I was pregnant again, plus all was quiet on the ghostwriting front. The time was right to have another stab at the novel. This time, however, I had a much better idea how to go about it thanks to my experience ghostwriting two novels for a TV presenter – a learning curve so steep it was practically vertical.

By the time my son was born I had finished a third of Just Haven’t Met You Yet; the rest of it was written in the blur that was the first months of his life. Given the choice, I would have preferred not to write my debut novel while delirious from sleep deprivation, but there are those people who painstakingly plan their careers and those who fly by the seat of their pants and somehow, eventually, by some miracle, end up where they want to be.

I’m in the latter camp, obviously. In fact, I’ve yet to met another writer who isn’t.

Just Haven’t Met You Yet is out on February 11th, pre-order your copy here. 

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Get to know the newest voice in women's fiction – CATE WOODS answers our Bookends quick-fire Q&A

Get to know the newest voice in women's fiction – CATE WOODS answers our Bookends quick-fire Q&A

Cate Woods made the most of her degree in Anglo-Saxon Literature by embarking on a career making tea on programmes including The Big Breakfast, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and French & Saunders. After narrowly missing out on the chance to become a Channel 5 weather girl she moved into journalism, where she interviewed every famous John, from Prescott to Bon Jovi, ghostwrote a weekly column for a footballer’s wife and enjoyed a brief stint as one half of Closer magazine’s gossip-columnist duo, ‘Mr & Mrs Showbiz’. Cate left the magazine world in 2009 to pursue a full-time career ghostwriting celebrity autobiographies and novels. She lives in London with her husband (not Mr Showbiz) and two small children.

Just Haven’t Met You Yet is a riotous comedy with a magnificent twist, and is her first novel under her own name. We thought that since she’s the new kid on the bloc, we’d give you all a chance to get to know Cate a little better, so we sat her down and grilled her, and here’s what we found out…

If I had to go back in time and choose another career…

I’d be a marine biologist so that my office would be a dive boat in the Maldives.

My dream holiday destination…

Tokyo, for the otherworldly craziness of the place. And the food.

The item I have more of than anything else…

Jeans. I am on a lifelong quest to find the perfect pair. 

The last time I went to the cinema…

I saw ‘Star Wars’ and loved it – although Carrie Fisher’s face was a bit distracting.

The thing I could never give up…


My choice of superpower…

I would love to be able to speak any language in the world.

The book (by another author) that I wish I had written…

‘How to be a Woman’ by Caitlin Moran.

If I could pick any actor/actress to play my latest lead character…

Amy Schumer.

The best play I’ve seen…

Watching ‘Jerusalem’ with Mark Rylance was like being slapped round the face, in the best possible way.

The one piece of advice I would give my teenage self…

Honestly, everyone else is just as worried as you are.

If I had to choose between appearing on Strictly Come Dancing or X Factor…

Strictly. I would die happy if I could get a Ten from Len.

When I was 5 years old I wanted to be…

Princess Leia (pre-facelift).

The comedian who makes me laugh the most…

If I need cheering up I Google videos of Kirsten Wiig on Saturday Night Live. 

My favourite city in the world…

New York.

If I could play the starring role in any film…

The Hunger Games.

If I want to relax…

I’d need to go back in time and decide not have children.

If I had to re-build my house with either gingerbread or chocolate…

Chocolate, to avoid the unfortunate Hansel-and-Gretel-witch vibe of gingerbread.

My favourite cookbook…

Bit controversial this one, but Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘It’s All Good’ actually has some brilliant recipes. It’s really not just ‘250 ways with kale’.

Cate’s debut novel is out in February 11, and you can pre-order your copy of Just Haven’t Met You Yet here


Win a bunch of roses for you AND a friend!

Win a bunch of roses for you AND a friend!

To celebrate the launch of bestselling Jill Mansell’s gorgeously romantic new novel YOU AND ME, ALWAYS we’re giving you the chance to win a proof of the book and this beautiful bunch of flowers each for you and a lucky friend!

We’ve also uploaded the first two whole chapters of the book for you to read ahead of publication HERE, and to be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is tell us what the last word of the first sentence on Page 8 is. Send your answer to under the subject line ‘You and Me’. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Here’s the link to extract again…

Good luck!